Spaghetti: Is it fun or work?

A few days ago we had spaghetti for dinner.    I take mine with no sauce and lots and lots of Parmesan cheese.  In fact, I like Parmesan cheese so much, I just eat it plain sometimes.   But I digress.

I love pasta, any kind of pasta.  I usually get elbow or shell macaroni, not spaghetti.   However, on this night I got to eat the same thing as Grandma and Grandpa.

Now, although I do enjoy my pasta, spaghetti is really a lot of trouble to eat.  First, it comes up in big clumps when you try to pick it up.   From the clump, you have to select that one proper, single strand.  Once you decide on exactly which strand you want to eat, then there is all the work trying to get it into your mouth.   My mouth is still little and spaghetti is so long.  It takes a great deal of effort to manipulate it into place.  If that’s not bad enough it sometimes breaks.  You go through all that work to sort it and pick it up only to have it snap in mid-air.

There are other distraction too.   I have to make sure Grandma get to taste it.   It’s important to share.

It’s also important to keep up with what is going on on television.  On this particular evening we were watching a recording of Jack’s Big Music Show, one of my favorite programs.  This evening it also happened to be one of my favorite episodes also… they march, march march, in a marching band.   Very cool.   I love to march around the house now because of that particular show.

Here’s a video clip Grandpa took of me enjoying a bowl of spaghetti.

Well, that’s it for today

Thanks a lot for visit, I hope you enjoyed yourself