My latest obsession

I have discovered Star Wars.   Did you all about this stuff?   How come no told me any sooner.

My Grandma and Papa are thrilled about it also…  We have been watching “Star Wars: The Clone War” animated series a couple of times a day for the last few weeks.

I have the Star Wars minifigures hidden in every room in our house; they’re everywhere…  Of course, sometimes Papa is not too thrill about that.  Occasionally they get accidentally dropped on the rug and are very difficult to see at night.. especially when you’re walking in your bare feet.   One day, I’ll have to work on that.

I have some Lego Star Wars kits too.  Papa helps me build them.   As Papa puts them together I’m busy either taking them back apart, using the pieces for my own masterpiece, or hiding critical parts.  It can get very exciting when Papa realizes that a critical piece is missing when the model is half way complete.   I always know where the missing pieces are; Papa just hasn’t figured that out yet.

What’s very cool right now (and yes, I talk that way know, not sure who I picked up the work “cool” from) is that McDonald’s is giving away Star Wars stuff in their Happy Meals.   Here’s a picture of me with my lightsaber…  please forgive how Papa looks.. it’s the only picture we had.

Well, that’s it for tonight.

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Lego Space Shuttle update

I heard Papa telling Grandma that someone asked him what happened with the missing Space Shuttle pieces; the one’s everyone assumed I took.

It seems Lego has a very nice replacement process for missing Lego pieces.   Papa contact, told them which parts “disappeared”, and Lego mailed them to us.   In just about a week, the new pieces arrived.   However, in that same week, Papa managed to finish our Lego Space Shuttle.

It seems Grandma found two of the pieces inside the high-hat (that’s a part of a drum set).

Then, weeks after the parts disappeared, I found the remainder of the missing parts.  I’ll never tell where I found them.  I just showed up one day in the kitchen with the Lego’s necessary to finish the Space Shuttle.

Here are a couple of pictures of the finished product.

(Isn’t using a Grand Piano as a Lego display table such a good use of it… )

We have put together quite a few Lego kits since then.  In fact, yesterday we build one of the space ships from Star Wars.  I have no idea what Star Wars is but Papa seemed to be excited.  Here’s a picture of what we ended up with…  I like it..

Grandma even got in on the fun and helped me build three of the Lego Toy Story kits.    I’ll have to get some pictures of those…

Well, that’s it for today

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