I’m back.. for at least a short time

You think your leaving but adults just don’t do that well with time lines. ¬† If Grandpa would have known the move was going to take a while, he would have continue to let me past.

So here I am… Posting this time until I leave.

Another good reason for posting today is I went the dentist this morning. ¬† For some reason no one would let me eat or drink anything before we went, not even a drink of water. ¬†Talk about cruel and unusual.. But¬†digress…

When I arrived at the dentist they put me in a chair and made breath weird stuff that made me giggle a lot. ¬† Then he gave me a shots. ¬†I thought it was going to hurt but I didn’t feel a thing. ¬† ¬†He did his thing and when he finished we left.

He had to fix something that had to do with points my back teeth. ¬†He said I keep those back teeth until I’m 11 or 12 years old. ¬†He obviously has never seen me climb Grandma’s cabinets.

All went well until I go home. ¬†I couldn’t get my tongue¬†and lips to wake up. ¬†I even asked Grandma to try, she couldn’t either. ¬†I couldn’t feel them at all. ¬†That made it kind strange while trying to eat my yogurt. ¬†It eventually went away.

After I had a little bit to eat, we met Aunt Lauren, Colten, Faith, and Annabelle at the park and played for a while. ¬† Next thing I know it’s now and I’m writing this.

Well, thanks for stopping by and giving this a read

Hope you continue to visit, at least for as long as Grandpa lets me keep this thing go

Thanks and Bye..