It’s been a long day

When you’re almost 4 years old,  life can be pretty hectic.   I need to get an hour before anyone else in the family so I can wander around the house and get into stuff that I know Grandma would never let me touch if she was awake.

Then of course, I need to give Grandma a hard time about what I want for breakfast.  This can sometimes go on for 30-40 minutes.  I usually win.

Today, after doing some shopping, I got to visit Annabelle, my new cousin.  She likes me.

I get to hug and sit on her blanket with her.  She was even trying to talk to me today.  That’s why her tongue is sticking out.

We did a few other things… and by 4 PM I had had and crashed in my chair.

Life is tough… (smile)

Well, thanks for stopping by

and please stop by again