This will be the last post to this blog

Anthony will be moving to New Zealand next week.    Since I am the only one who updates this blog, Anthony really didn’t write all this stuff himself, and since he is going to be several thousand miles away, it will be impossible to continue telling you about his exploits.

Thank you for following

I will miss keeping this blog up.. it was great fun…



Feeding my dog

We have a Golden Retriever.   He’s a bit old and doesn’t really like to play… at least not with me.   I was told I’m a bit too rough.    However, he does like to eat and he doesn’t care who feeds him.

So the other night, Grandpa gave me some bread to feed him.   He loves bread.

What follows is a video of me feeding.   The part where he is actually eating out of my hand did not get captured.  It took Grandpa too long to find the video camera.   He’s old also.

He broke the bread into pieces for me, gave me each piece so I did feed the dog too much too fast, of course I had to try each piece first to make sure the bread was OK, and then I tossed the bread at the dog.   As I hope you will see, we had a blast….

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