One of the ways Grandma keeps me quiet

I’m 3 years old so I’m not always the quietest child in the restaurant, in the back seat of the car, at the dinner table, or at bed time.  I sometimes tend to get just a little bit wild and maybe even a little out of control.

But don’t worry because Grandma has found a way to always make me quiet as a mouse.   She’s just gives me my iPad.   Of course, Grandpa thought it was his iPad but we all know better.  Someday, we’ll have to tell him.

Getting back to my original story…  Grandma just has to turn it on and hand it to me and instant silence.

The iPad is extremely cool.  It has games, puzzles, books, TV shows, movies, videos and photos of me and my family, and much much more.  What’s there not to like.  You would be amazed at how long it can keep me busy.

If we are at a restaurant for example, and I start to get just a little antsy, out comes the iPad and suddenly I’m calm and quiet.

What really fascinates Papa is how well I use it.  I can turn it on, adjust the volume, pick the app or video I want to watch..  I can even size things… flick my fingers out and it gets bigger, flick my fingers in and it gets smaller.  And turning pages is a breeze; you just swipe the page in the direction you want to go.

The only problem I have is I can get Grandpa’s computer screen to change pages when I swipe it, no matter how hard I pound on the monitor.

And remember when I said Papa still thinks the iPad is his?   Last time I check I had a couple of seasons of  “Dinosaur Train“, “Little Einsteins“, “Jacks’s Big Music Show“, “Wonder Pets“, “Rugrats”, and tons of “Phineas and Ferb” (Papa likes them also), and a couple of seasons of “Scooby Doo“.  Scooby Doo is my favorite.  I could watch him all day.

I also have the three Toy Story movies (“Toy Story“, Toy Story 2“, and “Toy Story 3“) loaded on the iPad..  and don’t even get me going about all of the books, games and puzzles I have.

If Papa ever decided he wanted to use it, I don’t think there’s room for any of his stuff… (smile)..

Catch you in a few days.

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A Holiday treat

I’m slightly allergic to milk.  Because of that, and the potential problems that might occur, Grandma keeps me pretty much away from most whole milk dairy products.    BTW, I do seem to be just fine with cheese.. go figure.

A few days ago, we were out getting Papa’s new watch fixed so it would stop sliding off of his wrist and doing a little after Christmas shopping.  We decided to stop for lunch at Culver’s.   While we were there, Grandma let me get a small cone of their vanilla frozen custard.  It was great.   I ate the entire cone plus some of Grandma’s.   This stuff is really great.  Papa said it’s almost as good as Ted Drewes, whatever that means.  All I know is I have a T-short that says Ted Drewes on it although I  have never actually been to a place called Ted Drewes.

Not only was my frozen custard great, more importantly, it didn’t make me ill.   That’s means Grandma will be willing to let me try some again next time we visit Culver’s… and rest assured, I won’t forget…

Apple juice

I love apple juice. In fact, “juice” was one of the first words I could clearly speak.    So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I learned how to open the refrigerator door and could finally get to the apple juice on my own.  I could get the 1/2 gallon bottle of the door shelf, place it on the ground, and unscrew the cap.   If Grandma would only give me a few more minutes to find a glass or bottle, I could probably pour it myself also.

You can imagine my disappointment when Papa did this (see following photo) to the refrigerator door.

He locked it.  Now I can no longer open the door on my own and I’m back to having to ask someone get some juice for me.  It’s so disappointing.   I’m sure I could pour a 1.2 gallon bottle of apple juice without spilling a single drop.  After all, I’m Anthony and I’m 2 1/2 years old.

Now I need to figure out how to get around that lock on the refrigerator door…

Well, that’s it for now

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Feeding cheese to Chuck

It certainly sounds like a nice for a toddler to do until you find out that Chuck is Hasbro’s “Tonka Chuck & Friends – Chuck My Talking Truck”.   Yup, I’m sharing my dish of cheese with my talking truck Chuck.   This is a pretty big dell because I just love my cheese.   Today it’s Kraft American Cheese Singles.   However, I’ll also eat Parmesan cheese right out of the container by the spoonful.  I just love cheese.

First I had to put Chuck up on a chair at the kitchen table.   I was sitting next to him for a while but he kept rolling into to me.   So I got down.  That’s when Grandma gave me a slice of cheese broken up in a bowl.

Earlier, I tried to strap Chuck into my high chair.  unfortunately, he was a little too large to get the strap around.   So we took the risk of letting him sit in a regular chair.  Fortunately, the few times he tried to roll off, Papa was able to catch him in time.

Well, just a short post today.

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Feeding my dog

We have a Golden Retriever.   He’s a bit old and doesn’t really like to play… at least not with me.   I was told I’m a bit too rough.    However, he does like to eat and he doesn’t care who feeds him.

So the other night, Grandpa gave me some bread to feed him.   He loves bread.

What follows is a video of me feeding.   The part where he is actually eating out of my hand did not get captured.  It took Grandpa too long to find the video camera.   He’s old also.

He broke the bread into pieces for me, gave me each piece so I did feed the dog too much too fast, of course I had to try each piece first to make sure the bread was OK, and then I tossed the bread at the dog.   As I hope you will see, we had a blast….

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Spaghetti: Is it fun or work?

A few days ago we had spaghetti for dinner.    I take mine with no sauce and lots and lots of Parmesan cheese.  In fact, I like Parmesan cheese so much, I just eat it plain sometimes.   But I digress.

I love pasta, any kind of pasta.  I usually get elbow or shell macaroni, not spaghetti.   However, on this night I got to eat the same thing as Grandma and Grandpa.

Now, although I do enjoy my pasta, spaghetti is really a lot of trouble to eat.  First, it comes up in big clumps when you try to pick it up.   From the clump, you have to select that one proper, single strand.  Once you decide on exactly which strand you want to eat, then there is all the work trying to get it into your mouth.   My mouth is still little and spaghetti is so long.  It takes a great deal of effort to manipulate it into place.  If that’s not bad enough it sometimes breaks.  You go through all that work to sort it and pick it up only to have it snap in mid-air.

There are other distraction too.   I have to make sure Grandma get to taste it.   It’s important to share.

It’s also important to keep up with what is going on on television.  On this particular evening we were watching a recording of Jack’s Big Music Show, one of my favorite programs.  This evening it also happened to be one of my favorite episodes also… they march, march march, in a marching band.   Very cool.   I love to march around the house now because of that particular show.

Here’s a video clip Grandpa took of me enjoying a bowl of spaghetti.

Well, that’s it for today

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I know, it’s been a while… but the good news is I’m now using a fork!!!!

Hi everyone

Sorry for the long hiatus;  I was hoping to post no less than once a week when this blog was first started.   However, Grandpa has been “under the weather” for the last few weeks, and as some of you have probably guessed, I don’t write all this stuff on my own… (smile)

Today’s post is short, mostly to tell why I haven’t been around and more importantly, to let you all know I am now using a fork on my own when eating without causing any major injuries to me or others in close proximity.  Of course, a picture is always better than a bunch of words so here are a few photos of me in action..

The first trick to this fork stuff is getting something to actually stick to the end of the fork…


Of course, once you have something on the fork, there are so many different things you can do with it….


I did discover that sticking the fork in something of reasonable size is also very important….


The good news is, if you do pick something to large for your mouth, you always have the option of just picking pieces of it off the fork and eating it that way…..


But it’s best when you get something on the fork that fits into your mouth.  Then everything just comes together so nicely…..




That’s it for this evening; it’s nice being back.

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