One of the ways Grandma keeps me quiet

I’m 3 years old so I’m not always the quietest child in the restaurant, in the back seat of the car, at the dinner table, or at bed time.  I sometimes tend to get just a little bit wild and maybe even a little out of control.

But don’t worry because Grandma has found a way to always make me quiet as a mouse.   She’s just gives me my iPad.   Of course, Grandpa thought it was his iPad but we all know better.  Someday, we’ll have to tell him.

Getting back to my original story…  Grandma just has to turn it on and hand it to me and instant silence.

The iPad is extremely cool.  It has games, puzzles, books, TV shows, movies, videos and photos of me and my family, and much much more.  What’s there not to like.  You would be amazed at how long it can keep me busy.

If we are at a restaurant for example, and I start to get just a little antsy, out comes the iPad and suddenly I’m calm and quiet.

What really fascinates Papa is how well I use it.  I can turn it on, adjust the volume, pick the app or video I want to watch..  I can even size things… flick my fingers out and it gets bigger, flick my fingers in and it gets smaller.  And turning pages is a breeze; you just swipe the page in the direction you want to go.

The only problem I have is I can get Grandpa’s computer screen to change pages when I swipe it, no matter how hard I pound on the monitor.

And remember when I said Papa still thinks the iPad is his?   Last time I check I had a couple of seasons of  “Dinosaur Train“, “Little Einsteins“, “Jacks’s Big Music Show“, “Wonder Pets“, “Rugrats”, and tons of “Phineas and Ferb” (Papa likes them also), and a couple of seasons of “Scooby Doo“.  Scooby Doo is my favorite.  I could watch him all day.

I also have the three Toy Story movies (“Toy Story“, Toy Story 2“, and “Toy Story 3“) loaded on the iPad..  and don’t even get me going about all of the books, games and puzzles I have.

If Papa ever decided he wanted to use it, I don’t think there’s room for any of his stuff… (smile)..

Catch you in a few days.

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French fries put you to sleep

I’ll bet you never knew that.   I have proof… but first let me explain.

Grandma took me to the playground at a church she helps out at.  They have an area completely fenced in with play ground equipment and that stuff on the ground that lets you fall without getting hurt but taste terrible when you come down the slide upside down and backwards and get a mouth full.

Well, Grandma has been taking me there a lot lately.   She claims I have too much energy.  I’m thinking she hasn’t seen anything yet.

It’s a lot of fun.  They have slides, a little house to play in, and toy car to sit in to act like your driving.   Because it is completely fences in (there is a gate you have to go through to get in), she can let run around and do what ever I want.   She gets to sit there and watch.  Well, most of the time.   Like said earlier, sometimes I go down the slide head first on my back.   That always gets her attention.  No matter where she is standing, she always makes it to the bottom of the slide to catch me.

I get to play as long as  I like.  When I tell her I’m hungry or I want to go home, then we go for lunch or go home.  Lunch is the best.

Lately we have been going to McDonald’s.  I get a kids meal:  fries, Chicken McNuggets, and an orange drink.   I can even say orange now.

We will usually bring it home eat.   I sit in my high chair munching on french fries and watching Jac’s Big Music Show or Mickey Mouse Club on TV.   It’s great.

It’s the perfect way to end a long morning of running around.

Here’s a photo of me enjoying my french fries.

And here’s a photo of me after I have had lunch and get to relax for few minutes.

Well, that’s it for now

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Hey kids, Pick up your toys

First, I’m feeling better today after my doctors visit on Monday.   No side effects (or ill effects) from the shots I received and I managed not to catch anything from sitting in the waiting room; or at least I don’t think I caught anything.

Another big things that I forgot to mention is I have slept through the night the last three nights in a row.   I don’t usually sleep all night.  I usually get up at least once or twice, mostly because I start coughing.  At least that has been the reason lately.  Mom has started to give me a little bit of Zyrtec before I go to bed for the evening and it seems to be having a positive affect.  I’m coughing far less and sleeping much more.   It was the doctors suggestion and he wants me to take it through the end of spring growing session.  Once all the “stuff” is out of the air, Mom is supposed to stop giving it to me unless I continue to cough.

I did have one small mishap today.  I was running full speed to Grandma, I have no slow or normal speeds, when I stepped on one of the small balls belonging to one of my toys that was accidently left laying in the middle of the family room.  In a split second I was laying on my back screaming with everyone in the house running to my rescue.  Fortunately, I was hurt, only frightened.   However, I am (or least Mom, Grandma, and Grandpa) are going to have to do a much better job of picking up after me.

Speaking of trying to keep me safe, it seems grandpa figured out how to get me to stop opening and  slamming shut the doors between the kitchen and the dining room.   He completely removed them.  In there place there is now a temporary child’s safety gate.  It doesn’t look great but it is effective.    With no doors to play with minimizes the chances of my mashing a finger in them.

BTW, one of my fish seems to be missing.   Grandpa has not been able to find him for days.   I hope he shows up soon.

Well, just a short post today

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Sniff, sniff, cough, cough, green, green

Hi all,

Yup, I have something..  Mom and Grandma think it’s allergies while Grandpa thinks it just a slight cold…  and no, it’s not swine flu.   It’s been going on for the last couple of days.   I do just fine all day and then around dinner time I start to get a runny nose.   Once I lay down trying to go to sleep, I start to cough.  It never fails too, that as soon as I’m asleep, here comes the cough.

BTW, I mentioned swine flu only because Mom tried to get me into see my pediatrician and the earliest she could get an appointment is May 16 because they have so many people trying to get in to make sure they don’t have the swine flu.

Mom tried to rinse my nose out with a saline spray.  I haven’t quite mastered blowing my nose yet.   I can make the noise and I’m really good at shredding the tissue if I can get it out of her hand, however it never seems to help with the congestion.   Mom did give me some of my prescription for Zyrtec. I don’t think my adults are too crazy about how well Zyrtex works.   They always use it as a last resort.

Grandpa also suggested Mom put a little Vicks BabyRub on my chest in the hopes that will help.  Unfortunately, I fell asleep before she could and when I woke up (screaming and crying of course), she probably just didn’t remember.

In the hopes of getting me back to sleep as quickly as possible tonight, I heard Grandma say she was going to sleep in my room tonight.

On a more positive note, we played with bubbles outside again.   This time Grandma bought me (or rather Grandpa) a little battery power bubble gun.   I’m pretty sure Grandpa has more fun with it than I do.  The trigger is too hard for me to pull plus it’s more fun chasing down the bubbles and stepping on them

We didn’t play outside all that long though.  I kept running into the bushes and Mom was concerned that I was going to hurt myself.  She must not realize yet that I’m indestructible.

Anyway, here are a few photos Grandpa took over the weekend.


dsc_8483eCheck out my new sneakers.   Aren’t they really really cool?


dsc_8492ePlaying in the bushes.  Check out the neat stick I found in the previous picture.  Mom spent forever trying to get it away from me.

dsc_8454eLooking for that perfect leaf.

dsc_8456eAnd finally finding it.   Then I have to show it off to everyone around.

dsc_8472eHere I’m running so fast I’m just a blur to the camera.

dsc_8463eI’m telling Mom what the plan is!!!!

dsc_8508eMom making sure I don’t run into the street.

dsc_8504eFinally, a photo I took when I grabbed the camera out of Grandpa’s hand.

That’s it for now.


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Super Bowl Sunday 2009

You’re right.  I have no idea what Super Bowl Sunday other than there is an inordinate amount of chips, dip, and chicken wings around the kitchen.   I do know it’s something to do with football.  Unfortunately, all I know about football is that Grandpa keeps saying I act like a linebacker and Mom corrects him and says I’ll be the quarterback, what ever all that means.

Since we talk so much about eating and sleeping, which take up about 2/3 of my time, I thought I would update you all.

I have pretty much been sleeping through the night this week. Grandma started me back on Axid, giving a small amount just before I go to bed.   I used to take this stuff all the time when I was an infant because every formula my Mom tried seemed to make me sick.  The Axid almost always made me feel better.  It seems to be doing the same thing again.  All I know is I’m sleeping through the night and biy am I in a good mode all day long now (for the msot part).   Of course, there is a down side to everything.  Now that I sleep through the night, I am getting up a 5:30 AM in the morning.

I have also had a new drink added to my diet.   Remember I told you all that I was lactose intolerant and I couldn’t drink milk and had to take a special kind of formula?  Well, I started drinking something called Silk (soy milk) this week.  Grandma buys me  vanilla flavor.  Mom says it taste just like a vanilla milkshake.   That description doesn’t help me much because I have never had a vanilla milkshake and if I did I would probably still be sick from it.. (smile)

I also had tortellini for the very first time.   This is also some very good stuff.

However, my favorite food still has to be eggs; scrambled or hard-boiled.  Although I think hard-boiled in my favorite of the two because I can just eat the white part and they are always nice and cold.

I guess should stop for now.  I’m sure there is a toy somewhere waiting to be destroyed.

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Its been a bad night tonight.  It’s only 1:00 AM and I am awake for the 4th time since I went to bed at 7:30 PM last night. And when I wake up, I wake up screaming like you would not believe.  Grandpa claims the neighbors can all here me.    Mom and Grandma are taking turns holding me.  No one seems to be able to figure out what’s wrong.   I don’t feel sick and I didn’t have anything “funny” for dinner tonight.  In fact, lunch and snack were pretty ordinary also.   I did have apple juice in my bottle when Mom rocked me to sleep.  I’m pretty sure (but not positive) that is not part of the problem.

I get juice in my bottle at night because I am lactose intolerant; can’t have milk.  And soy milk also upsets my stomach for some reason.  When I stopped using formula (it was lactose free) Mom has little choice but to give me juice at night and at nap time.   BTW, she holds me until I fall asleep for naps and bedtime.  Once I’m asleep she puts me in my crib.  I do not go to sleep in my crib with a bottle.  Heck, they won’t even let me go to sleep with a stuffed animal in my crib yet and I’m 15 months old; almost fully grown..

Well, need to try to get sleep one more time