My new Cousin

Just a quick post with a picture of me holding my new cousin Annabelle.  She’s only 2 weeks old and so tiny.

Can you tell that I’m just a little bit thrilled to get to hold her.

I think Grandma and Papa were holding their breath for the entire 2 minutes I was allowed to hold.

What could have possibly gone wrong… (smile)…

Catch you in a few days.

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Just a photo set

My nervous Golden

just in case you needed to know why the dog looks a little nervous in the previous photo.

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Sniff, sniff, cough, cough, green, green

Hi all,

Yup, I have something..  Mom and Grandma think it’s allergies while Grandpa thinks it just a slight cold…  and no, it’s not swine flu.   It’s been going on for the last couple of days.   I do just fine all day and then around dinner time I start to get a runny nose.   Once I lay down trying to go to sleep, I start to cough.  It never fails too, that as soon as I’m asleep, here comes the cough.

BTW, I mentioned swine flu only because Mom tried to get me into see my pediatrician and the earliest she could get an appointment is May 16 because they have so many people trying to get in to make sure they don’t have the swine flu.

Mom tried to rinse my nose out with a saline spray.  I haven’t quite mastered blowing my nose yet.   I can make the noise and I’m really good at shredding the tissue if I can get it out of her hand, however it never seems to help with the congestion.   Mom did give me some of my prescription for Zyrtec. I don’t think my adults are too crazy about how well Zyrtex works.   They always use it as a last resort.

Grandpa also suggested Mom put a little Vicks BabyRub on my chest in the hopes that will help.  Unfortunately, I fell asleep before she could and when I woke up (screaming and crying of course), she probably just didn’t remember.

In the hopes of getting me back to sleep as quickly as possible tonight, I heard Grandma say she was going to sleep in my room tonight.

On a more positive note, we played with bubbles outside again.   This time Grandma bought me (or rather Grandpa) a little battery power bubble gun.   I’m pretty sure Grandpa has more fun with it than I do.  The trigger is too hard for me to pull plus it’s more fun chasing down the bubbles and stepping on them

We didn’t play outside all that long though.  I kept running into the bushes and Mom was concerned that I was going to hurt myself.  She must not realize yet that I’m indestructible.

Anyway, here are a few photos Grandpa took over the weekend.


dsc_8483eCheck out my new sneakers.   Aren’t they really really cool?


dsc_8492ePlaying in the bushes.  Check out the neat stick I found in the previous picture.  Mom spent forever trying to get it away from me.

dsc_8454eLooking for that perfect leaf.

dsc_8456eAnd finally finding it.   Then I have to show it off to everyone around.

dsc_8472eHere I’m running so fast I’m just a blur to the camera.

dsc_8463eI’m telling Mom what the plan is!!!!

dsc_8508eMom making sure I don’t run into the street.

dsc_8504eFinally, a photo I took when I grabbed the camera out of Grandpa’s hand.

That’s it for now.


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Colton visited us yesterday

This blogging stuff is tough.   I don’t know how adults do this everyday (and sometimes multiple times per day).  With my schedule, I find it hard to post a new blog entry more than once or twice a week.    Between going to bed a 7:30 PM, taking a few naps every day, eating (this is a big one for me, don’t want to miss eating just to blog) and terrorizing the dog, I barely have any time left over at the end of the day.   So my apologies for not doing this more often.   In fact, I still plan on telling you about my flight home from Niagara Falls last week.

However, today we have big things to blog about.   Colton, my baby cousin, stayed at our house yesterday (Sunday) most of the afternoon.   I tried playing with him, you know just to keep him entertained, but for some reason all of the adults seem to get very concerned when I can finally figure our how to get hold of him.   I have to tell you, he  is cute (not as cute as me of course) and I can’t wait until he’s old enough so we can play together.   That will be great fun.

We did have the opportunity to snap a few photographs of Colton while he was visiting (Grandpa helped a little with the photos).   Here’s the one I like the best.


That’s it for tonight, I have Teddy Grahams waiting


I get to see my very first snow

Did I mention that they let me out in the snow while in Niagara Falls.   They wouldn’t let me touch the ground, but they dragged me outside long enough to snap a bunch of pictures.   You would think if they were going to freeze, they would at least let me play in the snow.   I did hear them say there was an issue with me not having boots that were waterproof.

Hey, Im tough.  I don’t no boots to play in the snow…

BTW, what are boots?

Here’s a phot Grandpa took of me, Mom, and Grandma behind my Great Grandparents house in Niagara Falls, NY last week.


Enjoy… I certainly did.

Bye for now


I’m cool

I just wanted to show off my new jacket that Grandma bought me.


Can you tell what city my Grandma is from?

Catch ya later