I have a new cousin

Last Friday, February 11, 2011, at 6:45 PM I were blessed with my 3rd cousin; Annabelle Lee.  She weighed in at 6 lbs 11 oz and she was 19 1/2 inches long.

This way too cool.  Annabelle will be my first cousin that I am old enough to play with when she’s still a baby.

Aunt Lauren  and daughter are both doing just fine…

Catch you in a few days.

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A quick update and a blog description change

Sorry I haven’t been around much the last month or so.   Summer is such a busy time for a toddler.

The big news of course, is that I turn 3 years old a few days ago.  We had quite the party at Grandma’s house.  Faith, Colton, Lauren, Ben, Debbie, Carol, Jim, Papa, Grandma, and of course Mommy were all present with presents.. (how do you ever learn this language stuff.  So many words that sound the same and have multiple meanings)   we had cake and I got to blow out the candles and make the first cut.  I’m glad they didn’t give me a real knife.

One of my birthday gifts was a Lego Space Shuttle.  Papa and I were going to build it together.  That concept work out pretty well until I absconded with two critical part of the construction process cause an indefinite build delay…  Grandma has been looking for the two parts for a couple of days now with little success.

Grandma or Mommy still try to get me to park as often as possible.  Papa says it something we almost have to do because I have the energy of 5 toddlers.

Papa also said I need to work on my temper.  I have developed a bad habit of throwing my toys at people who don’t do what I want… maybe it’s something I’ll grow out of… right…

I’m also posting a picture of my latest hiding place.   They always seem to find me, I have no idea why,  but it’s still fun hiding there.

Well, that’s it for today.

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My 2nd Birthday

It was my 2nd Birthday a few days ago.    Mom and Grandma not only bought me an ice cream cake, they gave the entire cake to me… it was so cool… and cold.

Grandma posted a video of me blowing out my candle and tasting the cake so Grandpa could see; he’s out-of-town.