I’m back.. for at least a short time

You think your leaving but adults just don’t do that well with time lines.   If Grandpa would have known the move was going to take a while, he would have continue to let me past.

So here I am… Posting this time until I leave.

Another good reason for posting today is I went the dentist this morning.   For some reason no one would let me eat or drink anything before we went, not even a drink of water.  Talk about cruel and unusual.. But digress…

When I arrived at the dentist they put me in a chair and made breath weird stuff that made me giggle a lot.   Then he gave me a shots.  I thought it was going to hurt but I didn’t feel a thing.    He did his thing and when he finished we left.

He had to fix something that had to do with points my back teeth.  He said I keep those back teeth until I’m 11 or 12 years old.  He obviously has never seen me climb Grandma’s cabinets.

All went well until I go home.  I couldn’t get my tongue and lips to wake up.  I even asked Grandma to try, she couldn’t either.  I couldn’t feel them at all.  That made it kind strange while trying to eat my yogurt.  It eventually went away.

After I had a little bit to eat, we met Aunt Lauren, Colten, Faith, and Annabelle at the park and played for a while.   Next thing I know it’s now and I’m writing this.

Well, thanks for stopping by and giving this a read

Hope you continue to visit, at least for as long as Grandpa lets me keep this thing go

Thanks and Bye..


So Many Things Happen when Papa goes out of town

Bright and early on Sunday morning, grandma took Papa to the airport for his trip to Boston to present at the Share conference.  When grandma returned home, I was eating the chocolate chocolate-chip pancakes Mommy had cooked.  Then Mommy gave me a bath and grandma and I got dressed and went to Sunday school at Woodridge.    About 15 minutes after we arrived, the fire alarm went off.  Everyone evacuated the church, even grandma; the preschool teachers put us toddlers in cribs with wheels and pushed us outside.  It all went very well.  We even got to stay outside long enough to see the fire truck.  Guess the folks cooking for a military ministry luncheon created too much smoke in the kitchen and set off the alarm.  All was well in about 10 minutes and we returned to class.

On Monday morning, grandma was on the phone right away.  Apparently the zone 1 sprinkler would not turn off and had been running since around midnight.  All that water just flowing down the drain. She made homemade waffles (I got to help measure, pour and mix the ingredients), she called Aunt Lauren over to watch me and of course she brought along 2 of my favorite people, Faith and Colton.  Grandma was on the phone with the sprinkler guy trying to figure out how to shut the water off.  After digging in the mud for over an hour and coming in twice to ask for a pair of pliers and a pipe wrench, grandma gave up.  She was covered from head to toe in mud and grass. She got to take her second shower in 2 hours.  Faith, Colton, and I were not interested in the waffles, only grandma and Aunt Lauren were, so she made us all scrambled eggs with cheese; did I ever tell you how much we all love cheese.  We ate all of the eggs.  The sprinkler guy showed up around 1:30 pm and took only 15 minutes to shut off the water and make repairs.  Guess the shut off valve was rusted closed; grandma had no chance to move it.

Tuesday morning was more like a regular day for us.  Grandma and I ate our usual pancakes and eggs for breakfast, and then we went to the playground at WBC.  I chased the bubbles around grandma created from the huge bottle of bubbles. We only lasted about 30 minutes, I was really sweating, and it was already 98 degrees by 10 am.  Grandma had called plumbers to come fix a broken drain pipe outside so I got to see the hole they dug and the broken connector and pipe.  Then we walked out to the street to see that it was really draining after the repair was done.

Wednesday morning grandma was up much earlier than I.  She was busy getting breakfast ready and everything we needed to go in the pool.  We swam for about 30 minutes, and then came in to take a bath.  Next we went to the car wash for ½ price Wednesdays; the place was really crowded. While we were waiting I made friends with a 3-year-old girl named Madeline.  We spent over 30 minutes chasing each other around and having a lot of fun. When the truck was finally clean I was ready to leave and relax and of course stop at my favorite place for nuggets, fries, and an orange drink.  We then picked up Aunt Lauren and dropped her off at school for a GT class she is taking for her Spark Academy.  I was asleep before we left the parking lot.  When I woke up from my nap, grandma said she was not cooking dinner so we went to Carrabbas for a curb side pickup. I ate all the peas and a few noodles from grandma’s dinner, and 3 slices of cheese pizza.  As the photo shows, I made up my own dish with the peas and pizza, do you think the chefs would be offended.  Anyways, we sure have done a lot of stuff this week and its only Wednesday.

Well, that’s all for now

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Today hasn’t been a good day

I knew it was going to be down hill today when Papa found me in the kitchen at 3:00 AM crying.   You see, I sleep upstairs.  Of course, the good part of the story is I got to sleep the rest of the night in Grandma’s bed.   So my day started out with me not getting enough sleep.

To make matters worse, something bit me on the arm again.   This happened about 3 weeks ago… I had to go to doctor and take some medicine for two weeks.

Well, it happened again.   This morning I had a welt on my forearm, fire engine red and about 2 inches across.

The photo doesn’t do it justice, it’s really ugly.  Plus, when you touch it, it’s got… to make things worse, around lunch my entire body started to feel warm.  When Mommy toke my temperature, she said it was just over 100 °.  That all adds up to another trip to the emergency room.

The doctor checked me out and said it was a bug bite.  I’m only 2 1/2 years old and I knew it was a bug bite.  Maybe I should be a doctor.

He gave me another prescription for an antibiotic that I’m going to have to take for the next 10 days and I am supposed to take Tylenol or Motrin.

That caused another small issue at the house.  Papa remembered that some of that stuff had been recalled.   He check all the bottles out on the web.  It turned out that our bottle of Tylenol, Motrin, and Zyrtec were all on the list.    Grandma had to pick up all new stuff at the drug store.

The ride to the drug store turned out pretty well.  I fell asleep and managed a nice 90 minute nap.   I needed it to after entertaining all of those doctors and nurses this afternoon.

Unfortunately, we don’t what bit me.  Mommy and Grandma are going to take me to see my Pediatrician as soon as we can get an appointment.   Maybe he will be able to figure it out.  If he can’t, maybe he can prescribe the antibiotic next time without me having to go to the emergency room.

Well, that’s it for today.   I need to go rest now…

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The gate is down, the gate is down

Yup, that’s my latest battle cry.

For as long as I can remember, there has been a fence/gate that separates the stairs and Papa’s office from the rest of the house.  I could never figure out why they wanted to keep Papa behind a fence.. who knows…  I do know everyone always seemed concerned when I started to go up the stairs on my own.

Well, last week, Papa took the fence and gate down.  It turned out that when Papa realized that at a full run I could put one foot on the gate’s hing and throw my leg over the gate.  In most case, I came down on the other side just fine.  Of course, every once in a while I would land funny… that was not a pretty site…

Now, with no gate or fence, there is nothing to stop me from visiting Papa while he works anytime I want or to run up and down the stairs.   I guess everyone figured that was safer than me launching my self over the gate….

Needless to say. now I can go any place.

Isn’t life wonderful

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What a day today

I wasn’t sure at first what it was and now I can say it. SNOW!!!!

Today it snowed in Houston. Grandma tells me this is very unusual. I just think it is a lot of fun. Mom even let me play around in it for a while. Great big snow flakes kept falling on my head and it was very cold. I didn’t get to play too long, but long enough… (smile).

The only bad part about the snow is Grandma said that Grandpa’s plane can’t land so he will not be home tonight. Too bad. I haven’t seen him all week.

Maybe more snow will come down so I can play in it again.

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I did so well today..

My doctor thinks that I might be lactose intolerant.  However, because I can barely talk (I am getting better each day though), I can’t really explain to him when my stomach hurts.  So he decided to find out if I was for sure and to see if there is anything else I might be allergic to, I have to get blood drawn this morning.   They took three vials.  I was worried they were going to empty me out…

I did cry.   After all when someone sticks a needle in your arm and tries to suck out all of your blood, it hurts.   I did not however, squirm or fuse.   Other than crying, I gave the nurse no trouble at all.  I sat on Grandma’s lap, held my bottle, and watched.  I did hurt too… did I say that yet…

When she was done, she put a bandage over the spot and I went home.   The whole thing only took about 5 minutes because she did such a good job.  Of course, if she would have missed that vein, she would have never have gotten a second try… LOL

I home now and all seems OK.   Grandpa even called me from Chicago so I could tell him all about it.  I don’t think he understood my explanation very well.  I tried as best I could to tell him but sometimes it takes him a while to catch on to what I am saying.

Well, that’s it for now

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My second haircut

This afternoon, Mom took me for my second haircut.   We went to Aunt Lauren’s were a friend who cuts hair professionally, gave me quick clip job.  I will post some pictures as soon as Grandpa takes MY picture with my new haircut.

The good news: she did nice job.   Everything cam out nice and even despite me trying to continually stick my fingers into the scissors.

The bad news: she cut off all of my curls.

Sure, no one will ever mistake me a girl (can’t believe the pool repair guy thought I was a girl last week.  I’m very masculine looking).  However, it’s going to make it a lot to tougher for me to flirt now.   All the “older” women just loved my hair and how cool I looked.   Now I’m going to have to find something draw the girls to me…  I think I’ll work on my smile…

That’s it for now… Just a quick post tonight.   Keep an eye out for the new haircut photos.

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