Goodbye; the end of this blog

Yup, this blog is going away.

It seems my Mom is moving up north, way far from Texas, and I, of course, am going with her.

One of my big blogging secrets is that my Papa occasionally helps me out with this blog.   Not being around him will make it difficult if not impossible to continue this blog.

I will miss sharing how I grow up with you all.   Who knows, maybe someday I’ll try this again.  But for now, it must come to an end.

Thank you so much for reading and following this blog.  And thank you especially for all of the nice comments and notes over the last 2  1/2 years.

Yup, I’ve been writing and you all have been reading this blog since November 2008, for more than two and a half years.  And yes, I was only a year old when this old started.   At 3  1/2 years old it comes to an end.

So just like that, this blog is no more

Thanks again for stopping by, it’s been fun




  1. I’ll bet moving north is very exciting but also sad. Good luck to you and your family – we’ll miss reading about your adventures.

  2. Oh I’m sure Gramma and Papa are sure going to miss you and your Mom! The house will be so quiet and Papa will have to buy Legos for himself instead of you!

    Good luck on your new adventure, it’s been fun watching you grow!

  3. Anthony,
    Sorry to hear you’re leaving this blog and Texas big guy.
    It’s been fun watching you grow up with Papa.
    Have a great time up north and get back online soon so we can follow you ‘smore!

  4. Hi Anthony – I am your cousin Sammy in the North. You are so cute! Are you moving close to NY?

  5. Hi Sammy

    Unfortunately, your on the wrong side of the Mississippi. My Mom is moving to someplace in Wisconsin, not sure of the city.

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