Catching up on my reading and my gaming

I didn’t have school at the church today and Grandpa was working at home.  That can lead to a bad combination.

When Papa is in his office, you can usually find me in his office also.  Today, I was catching up on my reading, looking through the latest Lego catalog that just arrived.   When the magazine gets boring, I can always play Angry Birds on my (Papa’s) iPhone.   He thinks it’s his iPhone but we all know better.  It’s just like his iPad.  He thought that was his for the longest time also.   he learned eventually… (smile)

If work is going well for Papa, he let’s me sit on his lap while he works.  I think he tries to avoid this though.  Whenever I’m on his lap, we also manage to end up doing something completely on planned on his computer.  It’s funny how things like that happen…

Well, I hear someone calling us for dinner.

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