Today hasn’t been a good day

I knew it was going to be down hill today when Papa found me in the kitchen at 3:00 AM crying.   You see, I sleep upstairs.  Of course, the good part of the story is I got to sleep the rest of the night in Grandma’s bed.   So my day started out with me not getting enough sleep.

To make matters worse, something bit me on the arm again.   This happened about 3 weeks ago… I had to go to doctor and take some medicine for two weeks.

Well, it happened again.   This morning I had a welt on my forearm, fire engine red and about 2 inches across.

The photo doesn’t do it justice, it’s really ugly.  Plus, when you touch it, it’s got… to make things worse, around lunch my entire body started to feel warm.  When Mommy toke my temperature, she said it was just over 100 °.  That all adds up to another trip to the emergency room.

The doctor checked me out and said it was a bug bite.  I’m only 2 1/2 years old and I knew it was a bug bite.  Maybe I should be a doctor.

He gave me another prescription for an antibiotic that I’m going to have to take for the next 10 days and I am supposed to take Tylenol or Motrin.

That caused another small issue at the house.  Papa remembered that some of that stuff had been recalled.   He check all the bottles out on the web.  It turned out that our bottle of Tylenol, Motrin, and Zyrtec were all on the list.    Grandma had to pick up all new stuff at the drug store.

The ride to the drug store turned out pretty well.  I fell asleep and managed a nice 90 minute nap.   I needed it to after entertaining all of those doctors and nurses this afternoon.

Unfortunately, we don’t what bit me.  Mommy and Grandma are going to take me to see my Pediatrician as soon as we can get an appointment.   Maybe he will be able to figure it out.  If he can’t, maybe he can prescribe the antibiotic next time without me having to go to the emergency room.

Well, that’s it for today.   I need to go rest now…

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