“I’m working” and my favorite books

My latest battle cry is “I’m working”.   That’s what I yell when someone attempts to get me to leave Papa’s office when he’s working.  You see, I have my own little work area in Papa’s office.   When he’s working, I can go in a sit with him and work also.

To make my office complete, Papa bought me a couple of books that I could look at.   Those books over the last few months have turned into my favorite books.   I drag them everywhere.  When I go to bed, I take one with me so Grandma has something to read while I fall asleep (which can be a very long process on occasion).    I bring them in the kitchen when I eat and I bring them in the family room so Mom, Grandma, or Papa can read them to me…  I drag them everyplace.

Why do I enjoy them so much?  They’re about dinosaurs of course.   In fact, one book is about dinosaurs eating. and the cryolophosaurus on the books cover is having pancakes, one of my personal all time favorites.   These are the books I have so far from the series by “Jane Yolen & Mark Teague”.  As a toddler, I can highly recommend these.  In fact, my cousins like to read them when they visit.   There are a couple more of the “How Do Dinosaurs..” series left that I’m hoping Papa buys for me real soon.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Here’s a picture of my “work space” in Papa’s office.

Well, that’s all for now

Thank you for stopping by and please stop by again.

BTW, in the real world I’m getting this “please”, “thank you”, and “you’re welcome” stuff down pretty well



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