It’s summertime summertime sum sum summertime…

I bet you’re thinking that I’m way too young to remember that song…. and you are probably right.  In fact, I think Papa may have only been about 8 years old when it was on the radio.

But no less, it’s still SUMMER TIME…. yaaaaa…  for a 2 1/2 year old, that means less time outside (Houston get horribly hot in the summer time), but it also means more time in the swimming pool.

And that friends, brings us to today’s post.

I went swimming yesterday… or rather I went “getting held” by Mommy and Grandma in the pool yesterday.

It was great, I love the water.  However, it reminded me a lot of taking a bath.  Mommy did mention that the temperature in the pool as was about 95°.  That might explain why it felt like taking a bath..

But it was still fun..  Mommy and Grandma both went into the pool with me.  They took turns holding me and making sure I didn’t sink.   They kept saying I weighed a ton but I’m pretty sure that’s not accurate… it’s more like 30 something pounds…

We did have a big ball in the pool that we played with.  Grandma also bought these really cool Buzz Lightyear water wings that I wouldn’t let anyone put on me…  Why wear scratchy water wings when you can get Mommy and Grandma to carry you around in the pool.

I also tried to float around in this round thing that looked like a do-nut.  I didn’t like that either…very  uncomfortable.

The floaty thing I used last summer that worked out pretty well, I outgrew.  It was way too small for my weight.  That’s the reason why they were trying all this other stuff out yesterday.

It was still fun though.  I love being in the water.  I even put my head under a few times and stuck my face in the little waterfall once.

This is me and Mommy just swimming around while I get used to being in the pool.

Next, we have a picture of Mommy, Grandma, and me playing catch with a really, really big ball.

Finally, a picture of Mommy and me in the middle of some of my pool stuff.   Someone, I seem to have accumulated quite a bit in a very short period of time.

Thanks it for now.

Tomorrow I will try to post something about my first day at “school”.

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I knew it was going to happen eventually…

I just never dreamed it would happen at the young age of 2 1/2 years old.

What am I talking about?   Glasses…..

Mommy wears glasses, Papa wears glasses, Grandma wears glasses..  I knew I did stand a chance.

A few weeks ago Grandma took me to the Ophthalmologist (did I spell that correctly?) to have my eyes checked out.   Papa thought I was favoring my left eye over my right.  So off to the Doctor’s I go…  Turns out I don’t favor one over the other.  However, I do have an astigmatism (spelling again).

The result of the visit?   I know own glasses.   Now, do you notice how I said “own” glasses.   Mommy and Grandma haven’t been able to figure out how to make me wear them yet… (smile)…..

Yup, that me with my glasses on.  If I have my way, this may be one of the few times anyone actually sees me wearing them…

Fortunately, though, I do look just as adorable with glasses as I do without…

Can a quarterback, lead off batter, pitcher, or race car driver wear glasses?

BTW, sorry for the lack of post lately.   For some reason, every time Papa gets busy at work, my blog suffers… I need to figure out how that keeps on happening..

Well, that’s it for now

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