I’m gonna be a rock star

Hi all

As you will be able tell from the attached video, I’m practicing to be a rock star someday.   I have all the moved as a singer (obviously) and I can play two of Papa’s guitars and dance all all the same time… now if that’s not talent, I’m not sure what is.

I think Papa secretly wants to be a rock star also.   So, I decided this song by Nickleback should be our theme song…

Nickleback\’s \”Rock Star\”… (Careful, the MP2 could be a little large)

Well, that’s it for now

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I knew I could fit

What does one do with a toy box?   I’ll bet you are think “store toys in it”.  If you were then I am also betting you’re not 2 1/2 years old.

The proper toy box procedure in my opinion is to

  • remove all of the toys
  • replace toys with small child
  • try to close lid

I managed the firs two with no problems.  In fact, I consider myself an expert at taking everything out of my toy box.

The second step I managed quite well also as you can see from the following photograph.

For the third step however, I just could not get the lid closed.  I guess I’m just bigger than I thought.

I’m going to have to tell Grandma I need a bigger toy box.

Or maybe I can take my Handy Manny Talking Tool Box and build an addition onto it.

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Apple juice

I love apple juice. In fact, “juice” was one of the first words I could clearly speak.    So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I learned how to open the refrigerator door and could finally get to the apple juice on my own.  I could get the 1/2 gallon bottle of the door shelf, place it on the ground, and unscrew the cap.   If Grandma would only give me a few more minutes to find a glass or bottle, I could probably pour it myself also.

You can imagine my disappointment when Papa did this (see following photo) to the refrigerator door.

He locked it.  Now I can no longer open the door on my own and I’m back to having to ask someone get some juice for me.  It’s so disappointing.   I’m sure I could pour a 1.2 gallon bottle of apple juice without spilling a single drop.  After all, I’m Anthony and I’m 2 1/2 years old.

Now I need to figure out how to get around that lock on the refrigerator door…

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French fries put you to sleep

I’ll bet you never knew that.   I have proof… but first let me explain.

Grandma took me to the playground at a church she helps out at.  They have an area completely fenced in with play ground equipment and that stuff on the ground that lets you fall without getting hurt but taste terrible when you come down the slide upside down and backwards and get a mouth full.

Well, Grandma has been taking me there a lot lately.   She claims I have too much energy.  I’m thinking she hasn’t seen anything yet.

It’s a lot of fun.  They have slides, a little house to play in, and toy car to sit in to act like your driving.   Because it is completely fences in (there is a gate you have to go through to get in), she can let run around and do what ever I want.   She gets to sit there and watch.  Well, most of the time.   Like said earlier, sometimes I go down the slide head first on my back.   That always gets her attention.  No matter where she is standing, she always makes it to the bottom of the slide to catch me.

I get to play as long as  I like.  When I tell her I’m hungry or I want to go home, then we go for lunch or go home.  Lunch is the best.

Lately we have been going to McDonald’s.  I get a kids meal:  fries, Chicken McNuggets, and an orange drink.   I can even say orange now.

We will usually bring it home eat.   I sit in my high chair munching on french fries and watching Jac’s Big Music Show or Mickey Mouse Club on TV.   It’s great.

It’s the perfect way to end a long morning of running around.

Here’s a photo of me enjoying my french fries.

And here’s a photo of me after I have had lunch and get to relax for few minutes.

Well, that’s it for now

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