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Not too much to say today…  Although I do want to talk about the park one of these days… Park is one of my favorite words right now…

Today I just wanted to show you a picture Grandma took of me in my high chair yesterday….   Don’t I look sooooo smart…

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I’m a real biker

It’s that time of year again.  Time to clean up the bike for some spring riding.   That’s what I kind of did today.  I helped Papa with his bike this morning.  After walking around the house all morning going ‘vroom, vroom, vroom…” no stop, Papa finally got the hint that I wanted him to start up his motorcycle.

The bike was in the backyard uncovered.  To Papa’s surprise, I walked up to it, put one foot on the exhaust pipe, then the other, grabbed the seat and swung my leg over.   It took all of about 30 seconds and I sitting high in the saddle on Papa’s bike.. and I did it all, completely by myself.   Now if I could only reach the keys and that thing that makes the bike make all of that noise.

Here are a couple of pictures Grandma took.

This first photo is me just after getting on the bike on my own.  I look like I belong there, don’t I?

Here I discovered the button for the horn.. again all by myself.   Papa then proceeded to tell me what all of the other buttons meant.

Finally, Papa got on so he could start the bike up.   For some reason he won’t start it if I’m on it alone.   Gee, how far could I go.  After all, I am in the backyard with the bike.

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