I’m ready for Spring

It’s been kind of chilly lately around here.   Grandma because the temperature keeps changing, I now have a cold.   My nose has been all stuffed up for a few days now.   It’s not very pleasant… and I’m thinking it may be even worse for Grandma and Papa.  I’m guessing when you don’t feel all that well, no one else feels very well either.   So, I’ve been a bit cranky.

However, there is some good news.  Papa is getting his bike ready, just waiting for the weather to improve just a little; less rain and just and little warmer.  He says Spring and Fall are the best times to ride in Houston.

He has also been starting up his bike a lot lately.   I love how it sounds.  It SO loud.  Even when I’m inside the house and watching him through the window it’s still loud.    The other day he let me crawl all over it.  I had a ball.   Then he got on it, put me on his lap, and started it.   I liked that… for a few minutes..  then it started to be too loud and it shakes a lot.   Grandma took me from Papa when I gave her that “if you don’t take me now…” look.

I’m ready just the same.  You can see from this photo that I have my very own Harley hat on and I’m ready to go.

Don’t I look like a real biker…  where did I put my chain… LOL

This next photo I just had to include so I could show you what happens to my eyes when Papa gets the camera to close…

I certainly hope my eyes go back straight again.

Well, that’s it for today

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