You see, I can sit still

I often hear people say that’s very difficult to get a 2 year old male toddler to sit still for more than a few minutes.   I know Papa says that a lot.   Sure, I’ll watch TV for a while.   However, when I’m watching TV, I’m also running all over the family room playing with toys and moving my couch to chair to my chair to table to stool.. I’m sure you get the idea.

Well, Grandma has come up with a way to keep me in one place, her lap, for almost a full 40 minutes.   It’s this software program she purchased for her computer.   It’s so cool.   It plays music, stuff dances around, and I get to pick what happens next.  Well, actually, Grandma does.  She tried to let me use the mouse to clip through to the next activity but said I was too “crazy”.   So, now she clicks and I sing, bounce, rock, giggle, and have an around relaxing goo time.

This first photo is of me sitting on Grandma’s lap playing with my computer game on Grandma’s computer (they haven’t bought me my own computer yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long).   I was watching the screen and I am sure Papa thought I didn’t see him sneaking around with the camera.  Just as he went to take the picture, I looked up and smiled.

This next photo is me picking out which activity I want to play next.  Grandma runs the mouse for me and does all of the clicking.

Finally, a photo of me pointing to the activity Grandma should start up next.  I’m by the time we finish, her shiny computer screen has to covered with toddle fingerprints.

Just in case you’re curious about what kind of computer software can make a toddler sit still, it’s from and it’s called “Jump Start Advanced for Toddlers: .   Grandma found it at

Well, That’s it for now

Thank you all very much for stopping by today and visiting with my blog


P.S.  I’m not sure if you all ever noticed by “Blogroll” in the right hand side bar.   They are other blogging sites I thought you might find interesting.    If you are into excellent photography, nature, and birds you really need to check out 10,000 hours of Photography.  I love watching the birds outside out diningroom window.  There is a pretty Cardinal that visits me almost every day.   So I find these pictures especially interesting.

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