The Super Bowl???

You all probably already know that yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday.   It’s supposed to be a big deal I hear.  I know Aunt Lauren stopped by our house on her way to a Super Bowl Party.  The party part sounds like fun but I’m not too sure about the Super Bowl part.

I’m told it’s a big football game.  Right there you start to lose me.   We don’t watch very much football here.  An occasional Bills or Texans game, but nothing every week…  And no one here goes crazy about a game either.   For me, it seems like another Sunday; except Grandma was making chick wings (Buffalo Wings the right way as Papa always says) and we had chip and dip out.   I’m not allowed to eat spicy chicken wings nor spicy cheese queso dip nor chips for that matter.  So like I said, it all didn’t seem that Super to me.

And to make things if less interesting for me, or maybe this is just a sign of my interest in the game, I fell asleep in my high chair while Grandma made the wings before kickoff, before the game even started.   I did wake up for the last quarter.  However, by then I was so hungry I was far more interested in eating than I was in watching a game.   Of course, if I want to eat and NOT watch TV, everyone gets to NOT watch TV with me…

One cool part about Super Bowl Sunday…. Mom bought me a very cool football balloon that I can beat on; lots of fun with that balloon.  Papa took a picture of it for you all to see.   I’m not in the picture because when I have the balloon all you get to see are blurs… LOL

Well, that all for today.. nice a short…

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