Wednesday’s nights dinner in photos

It’s Wednesday night and it’s dinner time.   Mom and Grandma are getting my supper ready…  tonight’s treat is tortellini with graded Parmesan cheese; pasta with graded cheese, is there anything better for dinner…

The first thing that you must always do with pasta is check it to make sure it’s not too hot.

Once you’re sure it’s the correct temperature, you can eat it.   I usually start out with my fingers if I’m very hungry.  That way there’s nothing to slow me down.

Then after eating for a while, you move to the silverware.   I’ve already had a bunch so it’s OK if these last few take a little longer.  I also find that the more silverware you use at one time, the easier it is to control the tortellini.

Occasionally, you need to take a break to check out the dinosaurs on your drinking cup.   This cup has a bunch of different dinosaurs.

Of course, sometimes I find it difficult to figure out the cup design point.  Why woudl they put all of the dinosaurs on up side down?

Now it’s time for a little bit of dessert, some fresh banana.   I love bananas.

Now that I’ve finished dinner, it’s time to contemplate what other mischief I can get into this evening… (smile)…

Fortunately, I’m just so cute that no one gets made at me so I can get away with all kinds of stuff… LOL

Well, that dinner in photos and all I have for this afternoon.   I need to get ready for some silly football game tonight.  My job is to make sure everyone missing as much of the game as possible because they are supposed to be paying attention to me…

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