Help, I’m trapped in my shirt

Hi everyone

Sometimes you just can’t wait for someone to help you get out of your shirt.  You have to just to it…  and I need to learn anyway.
Today after dinner, I decided my to Grandma’s chagrin, that I no longer needed a shirt on.  I’m tough!!!  Who cares if it’s only 48 degrees outside and just 70 degrees in our kitchen, I no longer need this T-shirt on.  So, off it comes…  Well, sort of…

As you can see from the pictures above, I didn’t quite get my T-shirt completely over my head.  Now I’m stuck.  BTW, stuck is one of my favorite words.. I say it all the time.   This time, though, I really am stuck.

Papa finally came to rescue and helped out of my predicament.   We finally were able to remove my T-shirt, put my ‘jamies on, and get me off to bed.

Thanks it for today

Thanks a lot for stopping by


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