Powder sugar everywhere

I had a major powder sugar mishap last night when my friends and I went out for desert.

It started with dinner with friends at Papas Seafood House in Humble.   This a great restaurant with the neatest salt water fish tank.   This fish are so colorful.  I love looking at them.   Whenever we go to Papas Seafood Papa lets me look at the live and frozen fish; it makes it well worth the trip.

I don’t actually order anything for dinner at this place.   I eat Papa’s french fries, the warm bread, and drink apple juice.    We always have fun though.  I crawl all over the booth, the floor, try to trip up the waiters, all the usual fun stuff two-year old’s can do.   I even laid on the booth seat for a while and everyone thinking I was going to fall asleep for a while.   I had the really fooled… (smile)….

Once dinner was over, we head over to Zachary’s Cajun Cafe for coffee and desert.   They sell awesome bread pudding and New Orleans style beignets.  The bread pudding is very good and their servings are huge.   The beignets, although good also, aren’t quite Cafe Du Monde quality.  Of course, Cafe Du Monde is a much much longer drive.

Now if you are not familiar with beignets, and I find it hard to believe anyone doesn’t know what they are, they are served warm and covered with powder sugar.    I need say that a two-year old boy and tons of powder sugar make far an explosive combination.    We had sugar everywhere… me, the table, the floor, our friends, every place…   but it was so much fun….

Here are a couple of photos of me enjoying my newly discovered favorite desert…

You’ll notice in this photo that I did take a bite our of the beignet… it wasn’t all just licking off the sugar…

A beignet needs to be carefully studied as it’s eaten…

You can see in this next photo, that my Harley shirt is starting to turn white, along with the table in front of me…

And it’s back to licking off the powder sugar…

I wonder how many days it’s going to take me to finally fall asleep.

BTW, please excuse the photo quality tonight.  Papa took these pictures with Grandma’s iPhone.

Well, that’s for stopping by, I really do appreciate it.    And please stop by again

Bye for now



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