Choo-choo…  one of my favorite things lately.  For the last few months I have been absolutely fascinated by trains.   Santa even brought me a couple of big Lego Duplo Trains for Christmas.

Every chance I get I line stuff up to make a choo-choo; my toy cars, boxes, anything I come across that I think looks like a train becomes a train.

Here’s a photograph of my latest handy work.  I made choo-choo from a few of my toys.   It also makes a good blockade so Grandpa can’t get into the kitchen.

Thanks once again for stopping by

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  1. Cute why did you start a blog *random guestion*

    • His Great Grandparents and all of my sisters and brothers are a 1,000 miles away. So it all started as a means for them to watch him. Then I thought it would make a nice record. Now it’s just fun.

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