Powder sugar everywhere

I had a major powder sugar mishap last night when my friends and I went out for desert.

It started with dinner with friends at Papas Seafood House in Humble.   This a great restaurant with the neatest salt water fish tank.   This fish are so colorful.  I love looking at them.   Whenever we go to Papas Seafood Papa lets me look at the live and frozen fish; it makes it well worth the trip.

I don’t actually order anything for dinner at this place.   I eat Papa’s french fries, the warm bread, and drink apple juice.    We always have fun though.  I crawl all over the booth, the floor, try to trip up the waiters, all the usual fun stuff two-year old’s can do.   I even laid on the booth seat for a while and everyone thinking I was going to fall asleep for a while.   I had the really fooled… (smile)….

Once dinner was over, we head over to Zachary’s Cajun Cafe for coffee and desert.   They sell awesome bread pudding and New Orleans style beignets.  The bread pudding is very good and their servings are huge.   The beignets, although good also, aren’t quite Cafe Du Monde quality.  Of course, Cafe Du Monde is a much much longer drive.

Now if you are not familiar with beignets, and I find it hard to believe anyone doesn’t know what they are, they are served warm and covered with powder sugar.    I need say that a two-year old boy and tons of powder sugar make far an explosive combination.    We had sugar everywhere… me, the table, the floor, our friends, every place…   but it was so much fun….

Here are a couple of photos of me enjoying my newly discovered favorite desert…

You’ll notice in this photo that I did take a bite our of the beignet… it wasn’t all just licking off the sugar…

A beignet needs to be carefully studied as it’s eaten…

You can see in this next photo, that my Harley shirt is starting to turn white, along with the table in front of me…

And it’s back to licking off the powder sugar…

I wonder how many days it’s going to take me to finally fall asleep.

BTW, please excuse the photo quality tonight.  Papa took these pictures with Grandma’s iPhone.

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Feeding cheese to Chuck

It certainly sounds like a nice for a toddler to do until you find out that Chuck is Hasbro’s “Tonka Chuck & Friends – Chuck My Talking Truck”.   Yup, I’m sharing my dish of cheese with my talking truck Chuck.   This is a pretty big dell because I just love my cheese.   Today it’s Kraft American Cheese Singles.   However, I’ll also eat Parmesan cheese right out of the container by the spoonful.  I just love cheese.

First I had to put Chuck up on a chair at the kitchen table.   I was sitting next to him for a while but he kept rolling into to me.   So I got down.  That’s when Grandma gave me a slice of cheese broken up in a bowl.

Earlier, I tried to strap Chuck into my high chair.  unfortunately, he was a little too large to get the strap around.   So we took the risk of letting him sit in a regular chair.  Fortunately, the few times he tried to roll off, Papa was able to catch him in time.

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I’m walkin’, Yes Indeed, I’m Talkin’

I’ll bet you all had no idea I knew who Fats Domino is, much less that I would know the words to his hit song “I’m Walkin”.   Well, you’d be right then.   I’m thinking someone a bit older than me clued me in on that piece of information.   However, that doesn’t make that opening line any less appropriate for today’s blog entry.

I am now going up and down our stairs on my own;  with absolutely no help from anyone.  Would you expect any less?… (smile)…

(I’ll leave a short pause here for your gasps of amazement and spontaneous cheers)

Managing Grandma’s stairs is no easy task for the weak of heart.   There are two turns that need to be negotiated that many an adult have messed up on and taken a bit of a tumble.

But I’m doing it.  It takes me a minute or two, and I do use the handrail (at least most of time), but I am definitely doing it all on my own.

Check out these photos Grandpa took.

That’s a fish tank on my left, one of my many mandatory stops as I make my way up the stairs.   And that’s my future drum set on the right, a regular stopping point to practice a little percussion work on my way down the stairs.

I have just managed the first turn…

Now I’m approaching the second turn.  However, I need to make a short stop to “ham it up” for the camera.   I get to say cheese, not Papa… LOL

Of course, I thought I should include at least one picture of me coming down the stairs… I can even carry stuff while I’m going up and down the steps.

I also thought you might like to see what those steps look like from my perspective…. (smile)

If you think I look good on stairs, you should see me on flat floors.  On flat surfaces, I now have only one speed; and that’s full speed.   I run everywhere, and I run as fast as I can.   Occasionally, I don’t manage a turn very well or do a very good job of missing a toy and crash.  But I’m a boy, so crashing every once in a while is just a way of life..

And what about that “talkin” part?

I’m not doing too badly at all in that category either.   I’m not quite constructing full sentences yet, but I can always make anyone around me know exactly what it is that I want, don’t want, or need.  Plus, I’m inventing my own variation on the English language  just to keep everyone on their toes.   For example, if I want out, I say I’m stuck.   And when I see any kind of liquid, it’s always juice.  Even our pool is full of juice, any kind of lid, covering, or top (even when I cover m y eyes), it’s always a door, and any bread type substance, from donuts to bread to tortillas, is a roll.  Sometimes I’ll place the word before the action.  I yell “mess” just before I dump every Lego in the house on the floor and catch just AFTER I throw something to you (at you).    I also manage to put a few extra letters in some words just so I can make Papa work at trying to understand what it is that I am saying.   I’m also really good at making animal sounds and not saying the animal name.   It’s moo, grr, meow, tweet, and oh oh for a cow, bear/lion, cat (tiger/lion/and all other types of feline), birds, and monkeys.  But I do manage to say doggy quite well; maybe because I have a dog.  I’m good at making one word out two too.  For example, sockshoe is of course sock and shoe; I say them very fast so it does sound like on word and I always put them in sock the shoe order, just like how I put them on (well, how Mom puts them on).

Finally, one of my favorite words (after Mommy, Nanny, and Papa) has to be Moon.    I’ll yell it over and over again every time I see the moon.

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Choo-choo…  one of my favorite things lately.  For the last few months I have been absolutely fascinated by trains.   Santa even brought me a couple of big Lego Duplo Trains for Christmas.

Every chance I get I line stuff up to make a choo-choo; my toy cars, boxes, anything I come across that I think looks like a train becomes a train.

Here’s a photograph of my latest handy work.  I made choo-choo from a few of my toys.   It also makes a good blockade so Grandpa can’t get into the kitchen.

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Feeding my dog

We have a Golden Retriever.   He’s a bit old and doesn’t really like to play… at least not with me.   I was told I’m a bit too rough.    However, he does like to eat and he doesn’t care who feeds him.

So the other night, Grandpa gave me some bread to feed him.   He loves bread.

What follows is a video of me feeding.   The part where he is actually eating out of my hand did not get captured.  It took Grandpa too long to find the video camera.   He’s old also.

He broke the bread into pieces for me, gave me each piece so I did feed the dog too much too fast, of course I had to try each piece first to make sure the bread was OK, and then I tossed the bread at the dog.   As I hope you will see, we had a blast….

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Spaghetti: Is it fun or work?

A few days ago we had spaghetti for dinner.    I take mine with no sauce and lots and lots of Parmesan cheese.  In fact, I like Parmesan cheese so much, I just eat it plain sometimes.   But I digress.

I love pasta, any kind of pasta.  I usually get elbow or shell macaroni, not spaghetti.   However, on this night I got to eat the same thing as Grandma and Grandpa.

Now, although I do enjoy my pasta, spaghetti is really a lot of trouble to eat.  First, it comes up in big clumps when you try to pick it up.   From the clump, you have to select that one proper, single strand.  Once you decide on exactly which strand you want to eat, then there is all the work trying to get it into your mouth.   My mouth is still little and spaghetti is so long.  It takes a great deal of effort to manipulate it into place.  If that’s not bad enough it sometimes breaks.  You go through all that work to sort it and pick it up only to have it snap in mid-air.

There are other distraction too.   I have to make sure Grandma get to taste it.   It’s important to share.

It’s also important to keep up with what is going on on television.  On this particular evening we were watching a recording of Jack’s Big Music Show, one of my favorite programs.  This evening it also happened to be one of my favorite episodes also… they march, march march, in a marching band.   Very cool.   I love to march around the house now because of that particular show.

Here’s a video clip Grandpa took of me enjoying a bowl of spaghetti.

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Container lids

I wanted to show everyone this morning the proper use of container lids.

Grandma picked some new containers to store some of my toys in.   It seems someone has come up with the bright idea that I should learn to pick up stuff when I’m finished playing with it.   Fat chance of that happening anytime soon.. LOL

However, I have put the lids from some of the containers to good use.

First you have to sit on them to see if they can move…  I couldn’t get them to slide and at the time no one was going to push me… so….

Next you have to lay on them.  They make for a pretty uncomfortable bed.  But I’m a boy so I don’t care… as long as it’s fun…

Of course, laying on the lids turned out to be a great place to eat a Golden Oreos

The cream center is the  best part of the cookie.. and yes I know it’s not really cream…  and no I don’t care to know what it really is… (smile)…

And finally, the worlds greatest cookie… at least on Saturday mornings that start out a new year

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