I did so well today..

My doctor thinks that I might be lactose intolerant.  However, because I can barely talk (I am getting better each day though), I can’t really explain to him when my stomach hurts.  So he decided to find out if I was for sure and to see if there is anything else I might be allergic to, I have to get blood drawn this morning.   They took three vials.  I was worried they were going to empty me out…

I did cry.   After all when someone sticks a needle in your arm and tries to suck out all of your blood, it hurts.   I did not however, squirm or fuse.   Other than crying, I gave the nurse no trouble at all.  I sat on Grandma’s lap, held my bottle, and watched.  I did hurt too… did I say that yet…

When she was done, she put a bandage over the spot and I went home.   The whole thing only took about 5 minutes because she did such a good job.  Of course, if she would have missed that vein, she would have never have gotten a second try… LOL

I home now and all seems OK.   Grandpa even called me from Chicago so I could tell him all about it.  I don’t think he understood my explanation very well.  I tried as best I could to tell him but sometimes it takes him a while to catch on to what I am saying.

Well, that’s it for now

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