Should I be a biker someday?

I’m thinking “biker” is definitely in my future.    I can already make motorcycle noises and I know where Papa keeps his keys for his Harley (although I am still a tad small to get on it on my own).   If all that doesn’t convince you, check out this photo (one of many Grandma had taken for Christmas) of me…

Tell me I don’t look just like Brando in “The Wild One” in the above photo.

Look out world, here I come… (smile)

A Very Very Merry Christmas, a Happy Holiday Season, and a Safe and Prosperous New Year to you all

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We really do like the boxes

Grandpa will sometimes say “I like the box better than the toy”.   Well, that’s not totally true.   I do like the toys.  However, boxes can be so much fun.

This very short video is me trying to reach into a box.   The flaps are up.   However, no one told me the flaps couldn’t hold my weight.   The result is free entertainment at my expense.. LOL


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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

Last Friday it snowed here in Houston.  Everyone made such a big deal out of it.   Last year when we visited my Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather outside Buffalo (Niagara Falls to be exact), it snowed almost everyday.   No one made a big deal out of it then.

Of course, I wasn’t completely thrilled with the snow this time because it meant Grandpa had to spend another day out-of-town.  I heard Grandma talking about an airport closing in Houston because of the snow.

Well, it did snow.. and it was very cool (no pun intended).   For those who think it doesn’t snow here, Grandma took a video of my playing the “snow”, or what snow there was.  Check it out and enjoy.

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My nervous Golden

just in case you needed to know why the dog looks a little nervous in the previous photo.

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My Golden

Can you pick out who is the nervous Golden Retriever and who is the crazy little two year old?

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What a day today

I wasn’t sure at first what it was and now I can say it. SNOW!!!!

Today it snowed in Houston. Grandma tells me this is very unusual. I just think it is a lot of fun. Mom even let me play around in it for a while. Great big snow flakes kept falling on my head and it was very cold. I didn’t get to play too long, but long enough… (smile).

The only bad part about the snow is Grandma said that Grandpa’s plane can’t land so he will not be home tonight. Too bad. I haven’t seen him all week.

Maybe more snow will come down so I can play in it again.

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I did so well today..

My doctor thinks that I might be lactose intolerant.  However, because I can barely talk (I am getting better each day though), I can’t really explain to him when my stomach hurts.  So he decided to find out if I was for sure and to see if there is anything else I might be allergic to, I have to get blood drawn this morning.   They took three vials.  I was worried they were going to empty me out…

I did cry.   After all when someone sticks a needle in your arm and tries to suck out all of your blood, it hurts.   I did not however, squirm or fuse.   Other than crying, I gave the nurse no trouble at all.  I sat on Grandma’s lap, held my bottle, and watched.  I did hurt too… did I say that yet…

When she was done, she put a bandage over the spot and I went home.   The whole thing only took about 5 minutes because she did such a good job.  Of course, if she would have missed that vein, she would have never have gotten a second try… LOL

I home now and all seems OK.   Grandpa even called me from Chicago so I could tell him all about it.  I don’t think he understood my explanation very well.  I tried as best I could to tell him but sometimes it takes him a while to catch on to what I am saying.

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