My first fountain

I think water is really cool.   Bath’s are wonderful and swimming lessons were great.   Now I discovered fountains.

Over the weekend my group (six adults I take out to dinner every Saturday night) went to a Chinese Buffet (Ling’s Buffet in Atascocita).   I hear a buffet is someplace were you serve yourself and eat all you want.   I’ll have to take the word of everyone else because I still get waited on when I eat.

But getting back to the water.   I’m new too fountains so had to check it out.

First off, the water going up in the air was pretty neat.  That was new for me…  I need to figure out how to do that with my water bottle.


Next, I had to sneak up on the water.   At first I wasn’t sure what it was or what it might do to me.   Caution is always good when you come up on something new.


I finally built up enough courage to touch the water.   However, it was just out of my reach.   With Mom watching over me making sure I didn’t fall into the fountain, I was finally able to reach the water.


The results shocked me.  The water squirted me.  I was pretty much wet all over.  Fortunately, I’m a toddle do no cares if my shirt is alright.   They just assume that’s normal.


The highlight once in the restaurant and after I had finished eating was an ice cream cone.   I’ve had cones before and I have had the opportunity to lick Mom’s cone.   This was the first time I had a cone all to myself.   I had a blast… and didn’t make all that bad of a mess.


I completely forget to tell you what I ate…   I had a few hard boiled eggs, some fried wonton noodles, watermelon, fried rice, and chicken.   I know there’s not much in that list that sounds very Chinese; that’s all they would let me eat…

That’s it for my Chinesse buffet adventure.

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