What a difference a day makes

Every Saturday morning Mom and Grandma take me to gym class at The Little Gym.  It seems everyone, including me, are always a little cranky, making the teacher and Mom’s efforts to help me do a forward roll or to walk on the balance beam frustrating for all of us.  I like to run around by myself while everyone else is together jumping or running in a circle on the big red mat or playing with the big parachute. Don’t even think about trying to show me how to properly use the uneven parallel bars. Then Mom did something that totally changed my attitude. Mom rescheduled our class to Friday. I was actually agreeable to help from the teacher, I participated in the group activities on the big red mat, I stood in line when class was over to get my feet and hand stamped with horses and even let the teacher help me.  Overall, the smaller class size and the more relaxed atmosphere  of the Friday class worked better for me, so much so we permanently rescheduled for Fridays.  I am looking forward to going back on Friday to amaze my Mom and the teacher. Stayed tuned.

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  1. Willie, Hope all is going well, I like your grandsons blog.

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