Dark, noisy, and scary

A few afternoons ago we were playing in the kitchen running around the island.   Suddenly, it became very dark, like nighttime in the middle of the afternoon.    Grandma said it looked like a nasty thunderstorm was moving in.  That didn’t mean a whole lot to me so I just kept on running.

Suddenly, there was this horribly loud noise.  It sounded like the house was going to fall on me.   I started to whimper a little.  After all, a big boy like me isn’t afraid of a little bit of noise.   Then it happened again.   Now I started to cry.    This was all pretty scary.   It kept happening over and over; each time getting a little louder.

Mom said it was only thunder from the rain outside.   That sounded like a reasonable explanation but it didn’t make the noise any less scary.  Then Grandpa started to make a game out of the noise, working each clap of thunder into a portion of a song.    It was actually pretty funny.   I started to laugh at his silly song and the way he was acting.  After a few minutes I had completely forgotten about the thunder outside.

Now when it rains and starts to thunder outside, everyone makes the thunder into the clapping part of a song.

It works for me…  now if we can only figure out how to stop the thunder from waking me up in the middle of the night.

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