Over 95° F for how many days?

What’s a little boy to do when he can’t sit down or stand still for more than a few second and it’s pushing 101° F outside day after day after day after day.   It’s even too hot to go in the pool.

Here’s what Mom and Grandma do for me.

First off, Mom takes me for my walks (she walks, I ride in the wagon) in the morning.  She’s tries to get out and back before about 10:30 AM while it’s still “cool outside.   Of course cool is a relative word.  Even at 10:30 in the morning the temperature is already pushing 86°.  Yuk!  But it does me out of the house for a few minutes.  Every little bit of fresh air helps to tire me out a little.

The second thing Mom and Grandma do, and this one is a biggy, they make sure there’s always a couple of sippy cups (glasses) setting around filled with nice cool water.  I love drinking water.  Water is probably my beverage of choice and the one I get the most of.   However, keeping sippy cups around filled with water means that anytime I get even the slightest bit thirsty I can help myself to a nice cool drink.   Grandpa has even ordered me a few sippy glasses, not sippy cups.  I don’t need those silly handles any more.  They just get in the way with us big kids anyway.  They’re Disney Cars and Thomas & Friends insulated 9 oz sippy glasses.  Because they are insulated, they help keep my water cooler even longer.  And the part Grandpa likes is that they are BPA free (whatever that means) and they don’t get all wet on the outside when it’s really hot outside so they don’t slip out of my hands.

Here are two photos of me with my new sippy cup.



Finally, Mom buys me these great little mini Popsicles called “Slow Melt Mighty Minis™” They contain just a very small amount of gelatin so they don’t melt very quickly.   That along with their size and they are perfect for a active 21 month old.   I can easily finish one without make a mess, or at least not a very big mess, and they do a great job of cooling me off on a hot Texas afternoon.


Well that’s it for tonight

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