Update on swimming vest

A few weeks ago I told you that Grandpa bought be a swimming vest to help me learn to swim.   Here’s a photo I used in that post of me wearing that vest.


Well, the vest does work.  However, now that I’ve used it, it is a bit uncomfortable; it pushing up under my arms.   I also not used to just floating in the pool on my own yet so some of the uncomfortable could be because I’m still a little nervous about using it.

The vest is a good idea and I am hoping that it starts to fit me better soon.   I want to give it a fair chance.   The vest is made by a company called Konfidence.  The vest I have can be found at the website for The Original Konfidence Jacket.

BTW, floating in the pool on my own in no way implies that I’m IN the pool alone.   Whenever I use the pool. Mom is in the water with me and Grandma is watching over me from a chair by the side of the swimming pool.  I believe you can’t be too safe (or have too many people watching you) when you’re around water.

Well, that’s it for now.

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