I’m so darn cute…. LOL

Even with a little food on my face…


I know… ego, ego, ego…  I’m working on it.. (smile)

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Dark, noisy, and scary

A few afternoons ago we were playing in the kitchen running around the island.   Suddenly, it became very dark, like nighttime in the middle of the afternoon.    Grandma said it looked like a nasty thunderstorm was moving in.  That didn’t mean a whole lot to me so I just kept on running.

Suddenly, there was this horribly loud noise.  It sounded like the house was going to fall on me.   I started to whimper a little.  After all, a big boy like me isn’t afraid of a little bit of noise.   Then it happened again.   Now I started to cry.    This was all pretty scary.   It kept happening over and over; each time getting a little louder.

Mom said it was only thunder from the rain outside.   That sounded like a reasonable explanation but it didn’t make the noise any less scary.  Then Grandpa started to make a game out of the noise, working each clap of thunder into a portion of a song.    It was actually pretty funny.   I started to laugh at his silly song and the way he was acting.  After a few minutes I had completely forgotten about the thunder outside.

Now when it rains and starts to thunder outside, everyone makes the thunder into the clapping part of a song.

It works for me…  now if we can only figure out how to stop the thunder from waking me up in the middle of the night.

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It’s always better to be safe

One thing about were we live, there are outdoor swimming pools everywhere.   Every subdivision has a community pool.   In fact, it seems like over half of the homes in our subdivision have pool.  Considering that every time I want to go outside I’m told it’s too hot, swimming pools seem like a good idea.   The bad side of course, is that not a week goes by that Grandma and Grandpa aren’t talking about a toddler in our area that drowns.

In an effort to help make me safe, my Mom enrolled me in swimming classes at out local YMCA.  Every morning this week I have a lesson.   Once lessons are complete, Mom is going to start taking me into the pool a couple times a week to enforce what I’m learning.


One of the big things they taught us our first day, and we worked on this our second day also, is how to get out of the pool on our own.  I can now grab the side of the pool and completely pull myself up and out on my own.    Now we are working on how I get over to the side of the pool.



Even though Mom is always in the pool with me and Grandma is sitting at the side of pool watching, they think it is important to know how to swim a little.   “Stuff happens” sometimes and we are trying to make sure it doesn’t happen to me.

Plus….  getting in the pool on a hot day is a lot of fun…

BTW, just because you send you toddler to swimming class doesn’t mean you can turn your back for a second when they are in a pool.  I’m your responsibility and you better be watching me like a hawk no matter how well you think I can swim.. I’m still a toddler.

Make sure you’re watching your babies and

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Over 95° F for how many days?

What’s a little boy to do when he can’t sit down or stand still for more than a few second and it’s pushing 101° F outside day after day after day after day.   It’s even too hot to go in the pool.

Here’s what Mom and Grandma do for me.

First off, Mom takes me for my walks (she walks, I ride in the wagon) in the morning.  She’s tries to get out and back before about 10:30 AM while it’s still “cool outside.   Of course cool is a relative word.  Even at 10:30 in the morning the temperature is already pushing 86°.  Yuk!  But it does me out of the house for a few minutes.  Every little bit of fresh air helps to tire me out a little.

The second thing Mom and Grandma do, and this one is a biggy, they make sure there’s always a couple of sippy cups (glasses) setting around filled with nice cool water.  I love drinking water.  Water is probably my beverage of choice and the one I get the most of.   However, keeping sippy cups around filled with water means that anytime I get even the slightest bit thirsty I can help myself to a nice cool drink.   Grandpa has even ordered me a few sippy glasses, not sippy cups.  I don’t need those silly handles any more.  They just get in the way with us big kids anyway.  They’re Disney Cars and Thomas & Friends insulated 9 oz sippy glasses.  Because they are insulated, they help keep my water cooler even longer.  And the part Grandpa likes is that they are BPA free (whatever that means) and they don’t get all wet on the outside when it’s really hot outside so they don’t slip out of my hands.

Here are two photos of me with my new sippy cup.



Finally, Mom buys me these great little mini Popsicles called “Slow Melt Mighty Minis™” They contain just a very small amount of gelatin so they don’t melt very quickly.   That along with their size and they are perfect for a active 21 month old.   I can easily finish one without make a mess, or at least not a very big mess, and they do a great job of cooling me off on a hot Texas afternoon.


Well that’s it for tonight

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Update on swimming vest

A few weeks ago I told you that Grandpa bought be a swimming vest to help me learn to swim.   Here’s a photo I used in that post of me wearing that vest.


Well, the vest does work.  However, now that I’ve used it, it is a bit uncomfortable; it pushing up under my arms.   I also not used to just floating in the pool on my own yet so some of the uncomfortable could be because I’m still a little nervous about using it.

The vest is a good idea and I am hoping that it starts to fit me better soon.   I want to give it a fair chance.   The vest is made by a company called Konfidence.  The vest I have can be found at the website for The Original Konfidence Jacket.

BTW, floating in the pool on my own in no way implies that I’m IN the pool alone.   Whenever I use the pool. Mom is in the water with me and Grandma is watching over me from a chair by the side of the swimming pool.  I believe you can’t be too safe (or have too many people watching you) when you’re around water.

Well, that’s it for now.

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