Water and climbing

Good morning all

I had a pretty good day yesterday, right up until the time I had to go to bed (more on that later).

Yesterday morning Mom and Grandma took in swimming pool before it the Houston heat became unbearable.  This is the first time we have made it into the pool so far this year.  I’m hoping we do it a lot more.   It’s such fun and great exercise.

Grandpa bought me a swimming vest in the hopes it would help me learn to swim and prevent me from drowning when just playing around.  The vest is very nice, fits well, works as advertised, and I don’t really mind wearing.

IMG_0335eThe vest fits very snugly and has pieces on the insides that can be removed as I learn how to swim.  It allows me to gradually become less dependent on it.   Grandpa said it is going to take a few weeks to find out how effective the vest really is.   If nothing else, it makes it easy to find me in the pool.

After a while, Mom took off my vest and moved me into a floaty thing.   I wasn’t really swimming that much and I was not letting go of her arm so we moved on.

IMG_0337eI like this contraption.   It allows me to do other stuff and I don’t have to hold on to Mom.

IMG_0345eThere were also a couple of these long blue tube things floating around in the pool.   They were fun to catch and try dragging around with me.

After almost an hour in the pool, Mom brought me in the house.   She said we had to be careful not to spend too much time in the Houston sun.

Once in the house, a whole new set of problems arose.   I started climbing on every thing.   I guess being in the pool did quite tired me out as much as everyone was hoping.

First, I had to climb on my Lego table.

IMG_0347eNice action shot, right?   It only takes me a second or two to get up now.   It’s kind of cool because I can sit up leaning against the wall playing with my Lego’s.  What else could you ask for?

Well, for starters, being able to get to Grandpa in his office when he is working.   There’s a fence with a gate that prevents me from climbing the stairs when there is no one around.   That same fence also keeps me out of Grandpa’s office.  I’m not sure if that’s coincidental or by plan.  Of course, being the smart little toddler that I am, I think I’ve found a solution to the fence and how to finally get into Grandpa’s office.

IMG_0355eYup, you guessed it.   I push my Fisher-Price activity table across the family room, through the hallway and put it up against the fence.   If I climb onto the table, I can just climb off on the other side of the fence.  Of course, this all assumes I don’t fall OVER the fence an break my neck.   If nothing else, it gets everyone’s attention when they see my trying this.

Going to bed last night was a whole different story.   Mom put me to bed around 8:00 PM.   All went well for about 30 minutes.   Then I woke up screaming historically and no one, not even Grandma with all of her nap time sleep magic could calm me down.   Every time they thought I was asleep and tried to lay me down in my crib, I was back up again in just a few minutes.   This went on to well past midnight.   I don’t know what was going on.  I didn’t eat anything that I haven’t been eating for months.  Mom and Grandma couldn’t figure out what was going in either.   I just hope it was a one time thing and this evening every thing is back to normal.  Or at least as normal as things can be with me around… LOL

Well, thanks for stopping by

Talk soon


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