Look out, here I come

If I could talk, I’m sure that would be my battle cry.    I am pretty sure I am either driving Grandma and Grandpa crazy or terrifying them; I’m not sure which.   For one, Aunt Lauren calls me a bill goat.  At only 20 months and I can climb anything in the blink of an eye.

Here’s a photo of me on sitting on my Lego table.  It only takes me a few seconds to make it to the top.  In fact, you don’t even need to turn your back.  You just need to be 15 feet away and I can climb on the table before you can get to me.


I have also become extremely proficient at emptying my toy box and storage containers.    The next picture is what Grandma’s family room looks like normally.


And this next picture is what it looks like after only a few minutes of me playing.  When I play, I play hard… Look out, here I come…


I’m so good at redecorating a room.

Remember I said I can just terrify a set of grandparents?  Well, wooden table way in the back of hte room under the photo is the Lego table I was sitting on in the very first picture.

In the middle of the picture and to the left, is a Fisher-Price play table.   It only takes me a second to be standing, yes standing, in the middle of it dancing…

And the race car on end in the front and center of the photo?  Well, it has wheels and rolls very well.   Yet, it hasn’t stopped me from trying to stand on it also.   There are no photos of my standing on the race car because everyone is too busy trying to catch me… LOL

Finally, I thought I through in a photo of me in my new Harley T-shirt.


Tell me I don’t look cool, cute, and tough all at the same time… (smile)

Well, that’s it for now

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