Hey kids, Pick up your toys

First, I’m feeling better today after my doctors visit on Monday.   No side effects (or ill effects) from the shots I received and I managed not to catch anything from sitting in the waiting room; or at least I don’t think I caught anything.

Another big things that I forgot to mention is I have slept through the night the last three nights in a row.   I don’t usually sleep all night.  I usually get up at least once or twice, mostly because I start coughing.  At least that has been the reason lately.  Mom has started to give me a little bit of Zyrtec before I go to bed for the evening and it seems to be having a positive affect.  I’m coughing far less and sleeping much more.   It was the doctors suggestion and he wants me to take it through the end of spring growing session.  Once all the “stuff” is out of the air, Mom is supposed to stop giving it to me unless I continue to cough.

I did have one small mishap today.  I was running full speed to Grandma, I have no slow or normal speeds, when I stepped on one of the small balls belonging to one of my toys that was accidently left laying in the middle of the family room.  In a split second I was laying on my back screaming with everyone in the house running to my rescue.  Fortunately, I was hurt, only frightened.   However, I am (or least Mom, Grandma, and Grandpa) are going to have to do a much better job of picking up after me.

Speaking of trying to keep me safe, it seems grandpa figured out how to get me to stop opening and  slamming shut the doors between the kitchen and the dining room.   He completely removed them.  In there place there is now a temporary child’s safety gate.  It doesn’t look great but it is effective.    With no doors to play with minimizes the chances of my mashing a finger in them.

BTW, one of my fish seems to be missing.   Grandpa has not been able to find him for days.   I hope he shows up soon.

Well, just a short post today

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