What a crummy Monday

After such a great weekend, Monday turns out to be a real bummer.   Mom and Grandma took me to the doctors this morning for my well baby visit.

Things started out well enough; we were going for a ride in the truck, something I really enjoy.  Little did I know what our final destination would be.

When we arrived, a little boy already sitting in the waiting room immediately voiced his displeasure with my presence.  That was not a great way start.   However, later, I got to play with a little girl (she appeared to be just slightly younger than me) and we had ball.   I was able to teach her how to bang on the glass door and make lots of noise.

Then comes the visit.   First off, I get “that nurse”, you know… the one no one likes.  So I was immediately ticked off and made sure everyone knew that I did not like her coming in our little room and trying to do anything with me.

Once we were through all of that preliminary stuff, we got down to the measurement portion of the experience.   Trying to get my weight and height never goes over very well.  When they finally figured out how (or at least sort of how) to do, I was already wound up.   The vital statistics are: I’m now a whopping 33 inches tall.   However, my weight came in 22 pounds 2 oz, a full 2 pounds less that than it did a few weeks ago when I was in to have my cold checked out. I’m pretty sure the nurse messed up.

I also must be getting a cowboy hat because they measured my head size.  It’s 19 inches.   I have no idea what that measurement is for.

Like all well baby visit, their goal I think, is to make me miserable.  Yup, you guessed what came next.  They went and gave me two shots, one in each leg.   The first shot went OK mostly because I had no idea it was coming so I wasn’t prepared.  However, when I saw that needle a second time, I tightened every muscle in my body.  Later I found  tightening ones muscles while getting a shot is not the best of ideas.     One shot was my DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis) booster (that’s the shot Grandpa dislikes for some reason) and the other was hepatitis A.   They both hurt, but the second shot was a killer…  Fortunately for me, Grandma gave me some Tylenol just before we went into see the doctor.

Once the doctor finished checking me out and giving me a clean bill of health, Grandma brought this thing about me walking funny.   She thinks I favor one leg sometimes and that I act like one leg “fell asleep” or something when I sit a while.  So the next thing I know they want to take an x-ray.   Ever have an x-ray?   They expect you to lay flat and not move while they do something with this big machine.  Fat chance of that.  I don’t even understand the concept of being still.  They did get their e-ray but I really made them work for it… (smile)

We finally finished at the doctors and went home.  When we got home I was a wild man.  Between the examination, the shots, and the fact that I was really tired, Grandma said I was completely out of control.   When I put my hand in the dog’s drinking bowl, Mom decided she had enough and took me upstairs for a nap.

Nap went well.   When I finally woke up, it was lunch time.  Mom and I had lunch while watching the Ellen DeGeneres Show.   I was eating properly for Mom until Grandpa came in.  He made a bologna sandwich.   I just love bologna so I had to have some with him.  Two slices later, Mom had me back eating noodles with her.

Well, that’s it for my doctor’s visit.   What I need to do now is get Grandpa to take me for another ride in my new wagon and get me back into a better mood.

No more for today.

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