This week has been a big week for cool stuff

Where should I begin.

First off, Grandma bought me a toy box.  But not just any toy box.  It’s a St Louis Cardinals toy box.


Not only is it a great looking toy box, I can climb up on it.  You can’t see in  the picture Grandma took, but the light switch is within reaching distance if I stand up.   I can flip the light on and off and on and off and on and off and… well, you get the idea.    When I start flipping the light on and off, everyone gets really excited because everyone (except me of course) is sure I’m going to fall OFF the toy box.

BTW, have you seen me in my Cardinals jacket?


Pretty cool, right?  I’m all ready for to go the Cardinal – Astros game this summer when the Cards come to Houston.

The next big thing that happened was extremely cool.  Aunt Lauren’s in-laws bought some new patio furniture and they gave ME the box it came in.  I’ve spent the last two days crawling into it and through it.  I’ve even brought a few toys into the box and played with them in there.   This is top notch fun.   I’m not too sure how long the box is going to hold up, but I’m planning to get maximum use out of it while I can.


And now to today’s big adventure.   Yesterday morning (Saturday) on the way home from picking up Grandpa at the airport (he was in Denver), he wanted to make a quick stop at Toys R Us.   We waited in the truck while he went in.  He was only in the store for a few minutes.  When he came out, the store person was carrying a really really big box with red writing all over it.   It sat in the corner for the rest of Saturday and I almost completely forgot about it.  Then today, after I woke up from my nap, Grandpa cut the box open and started to put something together.  It was big and red.   After he finished reading the paper that came in the box, he started to pound on the tires.   That was great fun because he made lots of noise.   When he finished pounding he announced that I now had a wagon.  At this point I’m not really sure what a wagon is; other than its big and red.   He was excited, so I was excited.

Here’s a photo of me directing the wagon’s assembly process.


Here’s a photo of the wagon in the back yard.   It’s a Radio Flyer.  I guess that’s good because Grandpa seemed really proud of himself for buying a wagon with that name.


He said the biggest reason he bought this particular Radio Flyer, rather than a retro metal one (what ever that means) is the seat belts.  For some reason he thinks that the  first time someone turned their back I might fall out…. but we all know “that” would never happen… LOL


Just after he took the above pictures, I found out what a wagon is for.  It’s for me to ride in and Grandpa to pull.

We immediately went for a walk around the block.  Not only is it great fun riding in my new wagon, I think we may have found a way of getting Grandpa to shed a few pounds.   Now if we can just figure out how to get him to stop eating ice cream, I think we may be on to an excellent reduction program… (smile)

Here are a couple of pictures of Grandpa pulling me around the neighborhood in my new wagon.

First, Grandpa had to buckle me in and adjust the belt so I couldn’t stand up.   Standing up sounded like it would be great fun, especially while moving.  Now I guess we’ll never find out.


Here’s Grandpa pulling while Mom watches out for me from behind.


More of Grandpa pulling me.   I put a couple of these photos in here because I know a lot of our friends are not going to believe I was able to get Grandpa to actually get some exercise.


Just one close up of me in my wagon.


Heading up our driveway after a successful walk…. and Grandpa didn’t even pass out.

When we were finally done with our walk, Grandpa let me play around in the wagon for a few more minutes.   It turns out this is even a better toy than I thought.  I can even be fun when we’re not moving.


That’s it for today’s update.

And as usual, thanks for stopping buy

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