So what have I been up to lately?



Yesterday was a good news bad news kind of day.   It started out pretty cool.   Mom bought me these really cool markers and finger painting sets (Crayola Color Wonder Fingerpaints &  TaDoodle Tub Crayons).  Both are made from paints that do not mark on anything other than the special paper from Crayola.   I dipped my fingers in the paint and made lots of goofy lines and circles on the paper.   All the time Mom didn’t have to be concerned about me getting paint on my cloths, the furniture, or anything else.  The TaDoodle Tub Crayons worked in a similar manner.   They’re little egg shaped animals with markers inside.  The markers only draw on the same special paper as above.  There shape makes it very easy for me to hold them also.  Of course, at first I thought they were strange balls.    After pounding them on the floor for a while and tossing them around, Mom was able to show me how they really worked.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to scare the heck out of everyone.   We were all playing in the family room while watching television.  I managed to crawl up on a chair, climb up onto the armrest.  As I was triumphantly standing there,  I fell.   Somehow I managed NOT to get hurt, nothing.  A friend of my Grandpa says there are angels that watch over us.  Well, when that happened, Grandpa said that there must be a couple of dozen angels watching over me.   Even I’m not sure how I didn’t get hurt.

Climbing seems to have become one of my favorite pastimes.   I climb on my Fisher-Price table, my Lego table, and my St Louis Cardinals’ toy box.  Mom tries to get me to sit but I have to stand in the middle of what ever it is I’m climbing to let everyone know.   In fact, I love climbing the kitchen chairs because they have slats I can grab onto and I can climb it a matter of seconds.


This afternoon I watched NASCAR with Grandpa while we munched on Chester’s Butter Flavored Puffcorn.  You hardly have to even chew them because they just melt in your mouth.  The race was OK also…  the cars are really bright colors and go around and around in circles.  In fact, watching the race was almost as much fun as playing with the TV remote controls.   I can make the TV program stop, start, go backwards, and change the station.  Very cool.

I had a chance to play jump and Grandpa this afternoon.  He laid on the floor and I stood on his stomach and jumped up and down.  He would then pick me up and spin me around in the air like an airplane.  It was really fun.

I also figured out how to take my diaper off.  You just pull on the side tabs, and it falls right off.   I made this discovery this morning  just prior to Mom coming in to get me.  Unfortunately, when she came in to get me and tried to get me to the changing table, I got a bit of a chill and found it necessary to tinkle in mid air.

I have also been sleeping through the night most nights now.   I did start to cry at about 3:00 AM last night and Mom came in and took care of me; or at least that’s how she tells the story.  She said I wasn’t even awake so maybe I had a bad dream.  If it was a bad dream or nightmare, it’s just as well with me that I didn’t wake up.

BTW, for Memorial Day Grandma made me pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast.   I was hoping we would get to go swimming but Mom said that the water was still a little too cold for me.  She said she would rather not have blue baby.

I also wanted to make sure I posted at least one photo.  Here’s one of me playing my Guitar while wearing my rock star T-shirt… how cool is this…


Finally, I am having one small problem that my Mom, Grandmother, and Grandfather are all looking into for a possible solution.  I wake up in the morning with a very large, and very nasty looking bite on my forearm; the bruise hangs around for weeks.   If you want to know what an impression of my teeth might look like,  then this will give you one.  The bite looks terrible; all black and blue and very pronounced.   Everyone seems very worried.   I’m not sure I even know that I’m doing it.   It could be happening while I’m dreaming or something.  All I know is that everyone says the bite looks terrible.  Grandpa suggested putting me to bed with a long sleeve shirt on.   Grandma and Mom both said it’s way hot and humid now and I would never tolerate something that warm.  I’m pretty sure it’s happening in my sleep.  But who knows.   If anyone has suggestions, this would be a good time to come forward.  And YES, it is definitely me biting myself.

Well, that’s it for tonight

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Hey kids, Pick up your toys

First, I’m feeling better today after my doctors visit on Monday.   No side effects (or ill effects) from the shots I received and I managed not to catch anything from sitting in the waiting room; or at least I don’t think I caught anything.

Another big things that I forgot to mention is I have slept through the night the last three nights in a row.   I don’t usually sleep all night.  I usually get up at least once or twice, mostly because I start coughing.  At least that has been the reason lately.  Mom has started to give me a little bit of Zyrtec before I go to bed for the evening and it seems to be having a positive affect.  I’m coughing far less and sleeping much more.   It was the doctors suggestion and he wants me to take it through the end of spring growing session.  Once all the “stuff” is out of the air, Mom is supposed to stop giving it to me unless I continue to cough.

I did have one small mishap today.  I was running full speed to Grandma, I have no slow or normal speeds, when I stepped on one of the small balls belonging to one of my toys that was accidently left laying in the middle of the family room.  In a split second I was laying on my back screaming with everyone in the house running to my rescue.  Fortunately, I was hurt, only frightened.   However, I am (or least Mom, Grandma, and Grandpa) are going to have to do a much better job of picking up after me.

Speaking of trying to keep me safe, it seems grandpa figured out how to get me to stop opening and  slamming shut the doors between the kitchen and the dining room.   He completely removed them.  In there place there is now a temporary child’s safety gate.  It doesn’t look great but it is effective.    With no doors to play with minimizes the chances of my mashing a finger in them.

BTW, one of my fish seems to be missing.   Grandpa has not been able to find him for days.   I hope he shows up soon.

Well, just a short post today

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What a crummy Monday

After such a great weekend, Monday turns out to be a real bummer.   Mom and Grandma took me to the doctors this morning for my well baby visit.

Things started out well enough; we were going for a ride in the truck, something I really enjoy.  Little did I know what our final destination would be.

When we arrived, a little boy already sitting in the waiting room immediately voiced his displeasure with my presence.  That was not a great way start.   However, later, I got to play with a little girl (she appeared to be just slightly younger than me) and we had ball.   I was able to teach her how to bang on the glass door and make lots of noise.

Then comes the visit.   First off, I get “that nurse”, you know… the one no one likes.  So I was immediately ticked off and made sure everyone knew that I did not like her coming in our little room and trying to do anything with me.

Once we were through all of that preliminary stuff, we got down to the measurement portion of the experience.   Trying to get my weight and height never goes over very well.  When they finally figured out how (or at least sort of how) to do, I was already wound up.   The vital statistics are: I’m now a whopping 33 inches tall.   However, my weight came in 22 pounds 2 oz, a full 2 pounds less that than it did a few weeks ago when I was in to have my cold checked out. I’m pretty sure the nurse messed up.

I also must be getting a cowboy hat because they measured my head size.  It’s 19 inches.   I have no idea what that measurement is for.

Like all well baby visit, their goal I think, is to make me miserable.  Yup, you guessed what came next.  They went and gave me two shots, one in each leg.   The first shot went OK mostly because I had no idea it was coming so I wasn’t prepared.  However, when I saw that needle a second time, I tightened every muscle in my body.  Later I found  tightening ones muscles while getting a shot is not the best of ideas.     One shot was my DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis) booster (that’s the shot Grandpa dislikes for some reason) and the other was hepatitis A.   They both hurt, but the second shot was a killer…  Fortunately for me, Grandma gave me some Tylenol just before we went into see the doctor.

Once the doctor finished checking me out and giving me a clean bill of health, Grandma brought this thing about me walking funny.   She thinks I favor one leg sometimes and that I act like one leg “fell asleep” or something when I sit a while.  So the next thing I know they want to take an x-ray.   Ever have an x-ray?   They expect you to lay flat and not move while they do something with this big machine.  Fat chance of that.  I don’t even understand the concept of being still.  They did get their e-ray but I really made them work for it… (smile)

We finally finished at the doctors and went home.  When we got home I was a wild man.  Between the examination, the shots, and the fact that I was really tired, Grandma said I was completely out of control.   When I put my hand in the dog’s drinking bowl, Mom decided she had enough and took me upstairs for a nap.

Nap went well.   When I finally woke up, it was lunch time.  Mom and I had lunch while watching the Ellen DeGeneres Show.   I was eating properly for Mom until Grandpa came in.  He made a bologna sandwich.   I just love bologna so I had to have some with him.  Two slices later, Mom had me back eating noodles with her.

Well, that’s it for my doctor’s visit.   What I need to do now is get Grandpa to take me for another ride in my new wagon and get me back into a better mood.

No more for today.

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This week has been a big week for cool stuff

Where should I begin.

First off, Grandma bought me a toy box.  But not just any toy box.  It’s a St Louis Cardinals toy box.


Not only is it a great looking toy box, I can climb up on it.  You can’t see in  the picture Grandma took, but the light switch is within reaching distance if I stand up.   I can flip the light on and off and on and off and on and off and… well, you get the idea.    When I start flipping the light on and off, everyone gets really excited because everyone (except me of course) is sure I’m going to fall OFF the toy box.

BTW, have you seen me in my Cardinals jacket?


Pretty cool, right?  I’m all ready for to go the Cardinal – Astros game this summer when the Cards come to Houston.

The next big thing that happened was extremely cool.  Aunt Lauren’s in-laws bought some new patio furniture and they gave ME the box it came in.  I’ve spent the last two days crawling into it and through it.  I’ve even brought a few toys into the box and played with them in there.   This is top notch fun.   I’m not too sure how long the box is going to hold up, but I’m planning to get maximum use out of it while I can.


And now to today’s big adventure.   Yesterday morning (Saturday) on the way home from picking up Grandpa at the airport (he was in Denver), he wanted to make a quick stop at Toys R Us.   We waited in the truck while he went in.  He was only in the store for a few minutes.  When he came out, the store person was carrying a really really big box with red writing all over it.   It sat in the corner for the rest of Saturday and I almost completely forgot about it.  Then today, after I woke up from my nap, Grandpa cut the box open and started to put something together.  It was big and red.   After he finished reading the paper that came in the box, he started to pound on the tires.   That was great fun because he made lots of noise.   When he finished pounding he announced that I now had a wagon.  At this point I’m not really sure what a wagon is; other than its big and red.   He was excited, so I was excited.

Here’s a photo of me directing the wagon’s assembly process.


Here’s a photo of the wagon in the back yard.   It’s a Radio Flyer.  I guess that’s good because Grandpa seemed really proud of himself for buying a wagon with that name.


He said the biggest reason he bought this particular Radio Flyer, rather than a retro metal one (what ever that means) is the seat belts.  For some reason he thinks that the  first time someone turned their back I might fall out…. but we all know “that” would never happen… LOL


Just after he took the above pictures, I found out what a wagon is for.  It’s for me to ride in and Grandpa to pull.

We immediately went for a walk around the block.  Not only is it great fun riding in my new wagon, I think we may have found a way of getting Grandpa to shed a few pounds.   Now if we can just figure out how to get him to stop eating ice cream, I think we may be on to an excellent reduction program… (smile)

Here are a couple of pictures of Grandpa pulling me around the neighborhood in my new wagon.

First, Grandpa had to buckle me in and adjust the belt so I couldn’t stand up.   Standing up sounded like it would be great fun, especially while moving.  Now I guess we’ll never find out.


Here’s Grandpa pulling while Mom watches out for me from behind.


More of Grandpa pulling me.   I put a couple of these photos in here because I know a lot of our friends are not going to believe I was able to get Grandpa to actually get some exercise.


Just one close up of me in my wagon.


Heading up our driveway after a successful walk…. and Grandpa didn’t even pass out.

When we were finally done with our walk, Grandpa let me play around in the wagon for a few more minutes.   It turns out this is even a better toy than I thought.  I can even be fun when we’re not moving.


That’s it for today’s update.

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Sniff, sniff, cough, cough, green, green

Hi all,

Yup, I have something..  Mom and Grandma think it’s allergies while Grandpa thinks it just a slight cold…  and no, it’s not swine flu.   It’s been going on for the last couple of days.   I do just fine all day and then around dinner time I start to get a runny nose.   Once I lay down trying to go to sleep, I start to cough.  It never fails too, that as soon as I’m asleep, here comes the cough.

BTW, I mentioned swine flu only because Mom tried to get me into see my pediatrician and the earliest she could get an appointment is May 16 because they have so many people trying to get in to make sure they don’t have the swine flu.

Mom tried to rinse my nose out with a saline spray.  I haven’t quite mastered blowing my nose yet.   I can make the noise and I’m really good at shredding the tissue if I can get it out of her hand, however it never seems to help with the congestion.   Mom did give me some of my prescription for Zyrtec. I don’t think my adults are too crazy about how well Zyrtex works.   They always use it as a last resort.

Grandpa also suggested Mom put a little Vicks BabyRub on my chest in the hopes that will help.  Unfortunately, I fell asleep before she could and when I woke up (screaming and crying of course), she probably just didn’t remember.

In the hopes of getting me back to sleep as quickly as possible tonight, I heard Grandma say she was going to sleep in my room tonight.

On a more positive note, we played with bubbles outside again.   This time Grandma bought me (or rather Grandpa) a little battery power bubble gun.   I’m pretty sure Grandpa has more fun with it than I do.  The trigger is too hard for me to pull plus it’s more fun chasing down the bubbles and stepping on them

We didn’t play outside all that long though.  I kept running into the bushes and Mom was concerned that I was going to hurt myself.  She must not realize yet that I’m indestructible.

Anyway, here are a few photos Grandpa took over the weekend.


dsc_8483eCheck out my new sneakers.   Aren’t they really really cool?


dsc_8492ePlaying in the bushes.  Check out the neat stick I found in the previous picture.  Mom spent forever trying to get it away from me.

dsc_8454eLooking for that perfect leaf.

dsc_8456eAnd finally finding it.   Then I have to show it off to everyone around.

dsc_8472eHere I’m running so fast I’m just a blur to the camera.

dsc_8463eI’m telling Mom what the plan is!!!!

dsc_8508eMom making sure I don’t run into the street.

dsc_8504eFinally, a photo I took when I grabbed the camera out of Grandpa’s hand.

That’s it for now.


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Other kids

It appears that I am not the only little that manages to get himself into funny situations.   Grandpa came across this video on YouTube and thought we should share it.

That’s all for right now

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