It’s spring. That means outside time…

It was a great day in Houston today.    It was sunny and 73.6° F.     It was so nice, that after Mom took my for my walk (I ride, she pushes), we all (Grandma, Grandpa, and Mom) went outside and played on the front lawn.   I had a ball.    There so many things to get into outside that I never get to touch.   You see, this is only my second time playing around in the front yard.   The first time Grandpa forgot to take pictures.


The first thing I had to do was explore all of the bushes.   I sticks, leaves, and some round black plastic thing.   Grandma let me carry it around but by did she get upset if I tried to put in my mouth.


Of course, once I had poked around the bushes for a while, I took my newly found discoveries and carried them around with me.   I’m actually doing a littel dancing in the above photo.   But you’ll notice I never put down my treasures.


Grandpa made bubbles for me to chase.  They were interesting for a while but it is way more fun to just run around…


More bubbles…


Of course, running around and chasing bubbles does tire you out so I’m taking a much needed 30 second rest and then it’s back to run run run….


I know I look like a linebacker ready to make a tackle.  However, in reality I’m dancing.


Here Mom is helping climb up a pile of mulch so I can get a better look at the tree.   I love the outdoors.

Well, that’s for my photo tour of my afternoon playing outside.

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  1. Hi Willie – it’s great to be Grandpa! Enjoy! I hope to meet you again, in Rome and have another long chat … until then, take care and thank for walking by ‘all our emails and blog’s comments)

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