Saturday at the Gym

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I now go to the gym every Saturday morning with my Mom.    Grandma also comes with us although she doesn’t actually come into the gym.  She hangs out on the other side of the glass and takes photographs and videos.   Gym is a lot of fun and it gives me an opportunity to burn off a lot of excise energy.

BTW, have I told you that Grandma and Grandpa say I am officially a climber.  I made it all the way to the center of the kitchen table completely on my own the other day.   I also climb on my play table and stand on or in every toy I own.    I’m not sure how much exercise I’m getting, but Mom, Grandma, and Grandpa are all getting a bunch running around trying to catch me before I break my neck.  So gym is a highly welcomed family activity… LOL

The rest of today’s post are photographs from this morning’s gym session and the one last week.



First off, Grandma takes all of the pictures as I mentioned early.   Above is a photo of what happens when I spot her on the other side of the glass.


Here, I’m jsut checking things out.. planning what I can get into or maybe what cute little girls are around that I can flirt with.


Hanging on this beam thing is a blast; and I can do it by myself once Mom gets me up there.


I haven’t quite figured out the point of this one yet.  However, it’s fun to crawl up and down.


Steps, I love steps.


Square rolly things that they expect me to crawl from one to the other.  Now who thinks these things up?


Here’s that angle things again.   It is a bit of a challenge to get up sometimes.


Although I really didn’t need the help, Mom thought she should give me a hand.  I let her just so would feel good.


The steps are very cool.  I’m not allowed to go up steps at home.  Maybe if I learn to climb them really well at the gym, I can climb them at home also.


Another photo of my climbing those step things.

Well that’s all for today.

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It’s spring. That means outside time…

It was a great day in Houston today.    It was sunny and 73.6° F.     It was so nice, that after Mom took my for my walk (I ride, she pushes), we all (Grandma, Grandpa, and Mom) went outside and played on the front lawn.   I had a ball.    There so many things to get into outside that I never get to touch.   You see, this is only my second time playing around in the front yard.   The first time Grandpa forgot to take pictures.


The first thing I had to do was explore all of the bushes.   I sticks, leaves, and some round black plastic thing.   Grandma let me carry it around but by did she get upset if I tried to put in my mouth.


Of course, once I had poked around the bushes for a while, I took my newly found discoveries and carried them around with me.   I’m actually doing a littel dancing in the above photo.   But you’ll notice I never put down my treasures.


Grandpa made bubbles for me to chase.  They were interesting for a while but it is way more fun to just run around…


More bubbles…


Of course, running around and chasing bubbles does tire you out so I’m taking a much needed 30 second rest and then it’s back to run run run….


I know I look like a linebacker ready to make a tackle.  However, in reality I’m dancing.


Here Mom is helping climb up a pile of mulch so I can get a better look at the tree.   I love the outdoors.

Well, that’s for my photo tour of my afternoon playing outside.

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