I know, it’s been a while… but the good news is I’m now using a fork!!!!

Hi everyone

Sorry for the long hiatus;  I was hoping to post no less than once a week when this blog was first started.   However, Grandpa has been “under the weather” for the last few weeks, and as some of you have probably guessed, I don’t write all this stuff on my own… (smile)

Today’s post is short, mostly to tell why I haven’t been around and more importantly, to let you all know I am now using a fork on my own when eating without causing any major injuries to me or others in close proximity.  Of course, a picture is always better than a bunch of words so here are a few photos of me in action..

The first trick to this fork stuff is getting something to actually stick to the end of the fork…


Of course, once you have something on the fork, there are so many different things you can do with it….


I did discover that sticking the fork in something of reasonable size is also very important….


The good news is, if you do pick something to large for your mouth, you always have the option of just picking pieces of it off the fork and eating it that way…..


But it’s best when you get something on the fork that fits into your mouth.  Then everything just comes together so nicely…..




That’s it for this evening; it’s nice being back.

And of course, thanks for stopping by