Music videos and Grandma’s iPhone

I love music… country, rock, pop, it doesn’t matter.  If it has a good beat, I enjoy listening to it.  I even have 3 different dance steps I use.   I do a head bob that I picked up from my Grandpa, I do this twisty thing I learned from the Wiggles (one of the best TV shows on television), and a little deep knee bend bouncy thing I made up on my own.    They must be really good moves too because Grandma and Grandpa make a really big deal out of them.   They always start to yell at each other “get the camera, get the camera”.   Of course, I’m too smart for them and I stop dancing before they can get the video camera turned on.  I know they are just trying to steal my moves.

Along with music, I love watching music videos.    The only problem with music videos is they are all on Grandpa’s computer and that’s not always that easy to get too, especially when he is working.  Well, not any more.   Grandma found a fix for this problem.   She bought a cable that allows her to hook her iPhone up to our big screen HD television.   Grandpa put all of my favorite music videos on Grandma’s iPhone so now I can watch them anytime I want in the game room on the big screen.  Much more fun that Grandpa’s little notebook computer.

I’m also pretty strong, or at least that’s what Grandpa keeps saying.   He’s always so surprised when I pick up something very large and carry it or push the 40 pound dog food container into a different room.   Now when he tells people they always say “Oh sure”.  I’m not sure they believe me.   Well, here’s a photo of me carrying around my Fisher Price Laugh & Learn™ Fun With Friends™ Musical Table.

Showing off my strength

Showing off my strength

I hear music so it must mean it’s time to dance…

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