Super Bowl Sunday 2009

You’re right.  I have no idea what Super Bowl Sunday other than there is an inordinate amount of chips, dip, and chicken wings around the kitchen.   I do know it’s something to do with football.  Unfortunately, all I know about football is that Grandpa keeps saying I act like a linebacker and Mom corrects him and says I’ll be the quarterback, what ever all that means.

Since we talk so much about eating and sleeping, which take up about 2/3 of my time, I thought I would update you all.

I have pretty much been sleeping through the night this week. Grandma started me back on Axid, giving a small amount just before I go to bed.   I used to take this stuff all the time when I was an infant because every formula my Mom tried seemed to make me sick.  The Axid almost always made me feel better.  It seems to be doing the same thing again.  All I know is I’m sleeping through the night and biy am I in a good mode all day long now (for the msot part).   Of course, there is a down side to everything.  Now that I sleep through the night, I am getting up a 5:30 AM in the morning.

I have also had a new drink added to my diet.   Remember I told you all that I was lactose intolerant and I couldn’t drink milk and had to take a special kind of formula?  Well, I started drinking something called Silk (soy milk) this week.  Grandma buys me  vanilla flavor.  Mom says it taste just like a vanilla milkshake.   That description doesn’t help me much because I have never had a vanilla milkshake and if I did I would probably still be sick from it.. (smile)

I also had tortellini for the very first time.   This is also some very good stuff.

However, my favorite food still has to be eggs; scrambled or hard-boiled.  Although I think hard-boiled in my favorite of the two because I can just eat the white part and they are always nice and cold.

I guess should stop for now.  I’m sure there is a toy somewhere waiting to be destroyed.

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