New rule: No more cinnamon rolls

Mom and Grandma have officially taken me off processed sugar.   The other night is was up too many times to count and all day yesterday I was just miserable.   I was so tired, I just could function.   Everyone’s best guess is too much junk food.    So as of today no more (or as little as possible) food that’s high in processed sugar (and I think Mom is going to keep Grandpa away from me at meal times.

I went all day yesterday with minimal amounts of junk sugar and I was only up a few times last night.   I did get dragged down to Grandma’s bedroom at 3:30 AM because Mom thought I may have bang my back on the crib and possibly hurt myself.   As soon as I touched the bed, I crawled over and started to pound on Grandpa.   I figured it was play time.   I really didn’t get hurt so this was pretty cool.   I never get to play with Grandpa when I wake up in the middle of the night.   Grandma realized immediately that this was NOT a good idea.   Mom took me back upstairs and I slept the rest of the night.

So far today, I still feel pretty tired.   I want to be held, and when someone picks me up, I want down, and when they put me down I want back up again.  It’s great being a toddler.

Grandpa put together a new pillow that Grandma bought today.  I didn’t know you had to assemble pillows.   This one came in the mail and “stuffing” was vacuum packed into two cubes.   Grandpa had to put the cubes in the liner, cut them open, and let them expand.    When the filler had fully expanded, the pillow was 5 foot by 4 foot.  That compressed white stuff really expanded.   It made quite the mess also.   I would say Grandpa actually made the mess but I don’t want him to get into trouble.

Still cranky and tired today although I did sleep OK (not terrific but OK) last night.   Going sugar free again today.   No Nabisco ‘Nilla Wafers of Kellogg’s Corn Pops.  Next thing you know, they’ll want me to eat vegetables.

I did get a new fruit this week:  Strawberries.   These things a great.  They taste good, they’re really sweet, and they squish up so well.    Had a banana yesterday also.   I tried banana’s a few months ago and didn’t care for them.   Yesterday, they were pretty good.   Of course, Mom was eating one and I like to eat what Mom is eating.

That’s it for now



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