Cinnamon rolls

What a day.  It started out a little early yet still pretty good.   For some reason, something woke me up at 5:30 AM this morning.   Neither Mom or Grandma could get me back to sleep.  So, Grandma took me downstairs.  We did a few odds and ends and then we had breakfast.  It seems I talk about food a lot.   However, of the few things baby’s do, food is probably one you might actually want to hear about… (smile)

Breakfast this morning consisted of two eggs, peach yogurt (I only eat peach yogurt, not sure why), some sliced turkey, and some cheese.   By this time Grandpa was up.   When he arrives at a meal things get interesting.   This morning was no exception.   Once I finished what Grandpa called the “real food”, I had a Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll.  Actually, I had just a little more than half of one.  That’s all Mom would let him feed me.  I finished every last crumb of it. Cinnamon rolls are really good.   I had cinnamon on my toast once but that didn’t compare to this. You can se e my enjoyment with this morning’s treat in the next two pictures.



Unfortunately, into each life a little rain must fall (Longfellow), in my case tears and not rain.   While running across the family room this morning, I tripped over one of those nasty pieces of dust.   You know that ones that jump and grab little kids ankles as the run past.    I did a Class One face plant into the hard wood floor and came up with a split lip; there was blood everyplace.  And did I scream.  You would have thought the world was coming to an end I scream so loud.   It was also one of those horrible high pitched screams that bring everyone in the house running.  And like all my injuries so far in my 15 months, I cried for about 5 minutes, got blood all over grandma’s shirt, then wanted down and was running full speed through the family room again.  It’s so nice to be a little boy, we forget so quickly.

I had a second issue today.   Mom could not get me to take a nap.   I woke up after only a few minutes from my 10:30 AM nap, and she couldn’t even get me to lay down for my afternoon nap.  By 5:30 PM this evening, I was not someone you wanted to be around.   Nothing was right.   I was hungry and I wouldn’t eat;  I was thirsty and I wouldn’t drink; I wanted to be held and as soon as you picked my up I wanted down again.   And did I cry and cry and cry…   Grandpa finally gave me the cordless phone and distracted me for a few minutes, picked me up, held me really tight, and walked me around the room.  That not only settled me down, I fell asleep on his shoulder.   After being asleep on him for about 15 minutes, he made the huge mistake of trying to lay me down on his bed.  I woke up the split second he let go of me.   However, I wasn’t upset any more and no longer crying.  So we played on the bed for a while.   I jumped on him and pounded on him.  At about 7:00 PM Grandma came in with a bottle and took me upstairs to put me to bed.  Boy was I pissed and I let her know it too.  The screaming only lasted about 5 minutes and I was sound asleep.   Grandma holds me for a good 20 minutes to make sure I am really out before she tries to put me in my crib.

Well, that’s it for tonight.  I can’t write much more because I’m asleep.. good trick, right.. (smile)

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