What DOES a toddler eat?

That seems to be a big question around my house lately.  You see, I am officially off formula.   I haven’t had any formula,not even to go to sleep, in almost three weeks now; ever since I had that short bout with the flu.    However, now that I am not taking formula a couple time a day, I have developed a terrific appetite.   In the morning when I wake up, Grandma can’t feed me fast enough.    Of course, because I no longer take formula and Mom has to make sure I still get the proper amount of vitamins, I take Poly-Vi-Sol every morning mixed with a little apple juice.  We tried mixing the vitamins with orange juice but my system didn’t seem to like that very much.

So the question is “What does (should) a toddler at a strapping 14 months old (almost 15 months) eat?”   Mom, Grandma, and Grandpa seem to have this discussion (debate) on a regular basis now.

For example, this morning I had a Belgium waffle, scrambled eggs with cheese, yogurt, and water in my sippy cup.    For lunch I had cream of wheat cereal mixed with apple sauce.   I didn’t eat much of it though, just a few spoons.  I’m not sure if I was full from helping Grandpa eat his eggs (have I mentioned I love eggs) or if I just wasn’t hungry.

Yesterday I ate a big old pile of sliced fresh strawberries after dinner.  They were really good.   I also had a bunch of sliced turkey, green beans, two carrots pieces (not big on carrots yet) and a slice of American cheese.

One thing that does concern Mom is how much apple juice I drink.  You see, I get apple juice (mixed with 50% water) in my bottle when I take a nap and when I go to sleep at night.   That’s a lot of apple juice.   We aren’t really sure how much apple juice is too much apple juice for a toddler.

We did learn that I do not like canned pastas.  In fact, other than then meatballs I had from the Como in Niagara Falls on vacation a few weeks ago, I’m not really crazy about anything with tomato sauce on it.  Can you say “Watch the baby spit out his food really fast”…  LOL

We did discover I like Cheetos.  But for some reason Mom and Grandma aren’t real big on giving them to me.   It seems Grandpa is a good source of junk food and anything that is extremely messy.   Guess who doesn’t clean me after a meal of give me a bath?

Oh, and peach sorbet is fun to eat.  I can’t have ice cream because my doctor thinks I’m lactose intolerant.   I have no idea what that means, but I do know that regular formula, milk, and cream really make me sick.   Grandpa came up with the sorbet idea so I could have something cold when everyone else is having ice cream.

Any suggestions out there?   What things should Mom be feeding me?  What else might I like?   And what else should I be eating?

Well, hope you all have a few suggestions

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  1. Cheerios were always a favorite for my kids. As a snack, I also gave them hulless popcorn, I’m not sure if you have that or not. It’s sort of the consistancy of cheese puffs, without the messy cheese! My kids also liked boiled hot dogs cut up into tiny tiny pieces (no choking!) My oldest loved lima beans! I used to cook mixed veggies and she always picked out the lima beans.

    I also read your comment about the bottle of 50% apple juice at nap and bed time. I’m sure you already know the dangers of falling asleep with a bottle, but just wanted to mention that it causes toddler tooth decay. You can read about it here: http://www.drgreene.com/21_748.html

    Thanks for the blog! It’s fun to take a peek into the life of a toddler.

    • Thanks for the tips…

      I like the multi-grain Cheerios… great finger food and they help with my dexterity.

      I never go to sleep in my crib with a bottle. My Mom still holds me and gives me a bottle until I am asleep and then she lays me down in my crib.

      I do still need the bottle to fall asleep, haven’t quite figured out how to just lay down and nod off. However, because I am lactose intolerant and can’t handle soy mild, I’m pretty limited to what I can drink. Apple juice seems to be one of the few things Mom can put into a bottle that doesn’t make me sick.

      Thanks for the comments


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