Christmas photos; just a week late

This morning Mom and Grandma took me to a Professional Photographer for some Christmas Pictures.  I guess they wanted something better than Grandpa’s pictures.  So we spent our morning at the photo studio.   If I could talk, I would have explained to them that we already missed Christmas.  But you all know how that would have gone…  Moms and Grandmas all always right.

They took a lot of pictures.   I posted a few of my favorites here.  BTW, as I mentioned, these are not our pictures.  They were taken at “Portrait Innovations” in Kingwood, TX.  I just want to make sure credit goes to where credit is due.

This first photo is a typical toddler on Mom’s lap photo.


Next, they took one of my climbing on Mom.   They actually took quite a few of me climbing on Mom’s back.  Grandma said I wasn’t cooperating very well and they were having a very difficult time getting me to sit still.


This next picture was fun.  I’m not allowed to touch the ornaments on the Christmas tree at home.   Something about them being made of glass, me breaking them, and me possibly getting injured.   However, at the photo studio they actually wanted me to touch them.  It took them a long time to convince it was OK because I knew it wasn’t.


Then, still trying to get me to smile for a photo, they wanted me to play with a box.  They even put a Lego in the box because I wasn’t going to mess around with an empty box; that would be just plain silly.   The rattling noise was supposed to get my interest… and it worked for a while.


I was finally able to get the box open so I could look inside.   The person taking the pictures said she had never seen someone actually stick their head in the box before. Well, if I didn’t get my head into the box, how would I be able to see what was in it.  I knew there had to be more in there than just that one Lego.


In all, they probably took 40 pictures.  These are just a few that I thought you all might get a kick out of…

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