Lunch, baseball caps, and dexterity

Today was a great day.   I feel much better.  What ever was bothering my bottom cleared up.  That Butt Paste stuff works like a miracle.  But on to more pleasant things.

I had lunch today with Grandpa and Grandma.   I had chicken but manage to eat one of Grandpa’s scrambled eggs.   I love eggs.   The chicken was interesting though.   Today, Grandma dipped the chicken into this white stuff called Miracle Whip.  So I spent a lot of time sucking the white stuff off of the chicken rather than actually eating the chicken.


Eating Chicken with Kraft Miracle Whip

I also had Nabisco Nilla Wafers.  Grandma bought the mini kind.  They were great.  They are so easy to hold on to and get into my mouth.  They have to be one of my favorite snack foods because if I forget to chew them up, they will just go ahead an melt in my melt.   There’s is very little chance for me choking on them.

Enjoying a Nabisco Nilla Wafer

Enjoying a Nabisco Nilla Wafer

Speaking of talent…  Now I don’t have nay idea how true this is (after all I am only 14 months old) but my Grandparents seem to think that it is highly unusual for someone my age to be able to snap my fingers.   As you can see in this next photo….

Snapping my fingers

Snapping my fingers

And I actually make noise when I do it.  So I’m not jst going through the motions, I’m making a real clicking sound with my fingers.   I’ve included a close-up of my star technique in this next photo….


Now snapping comes in very handy when you can’t talk yet.  You see, I snap my finger and then point to what I want.   Grandpa thinks it’s pretty funny.  However, there are some that find it a bit annoying.  I can’t even imagine why?

I also wanted to include a picture of the cool Harley baseball cap my Grandpa got me for Christmas.   I just about fits me and I can put it on….. and take it off.


Look how sharp I look.    All I need now is a motorcycle, and I’ll be right in business.


Speaking of sharp, I had to include a photo Grandpa took of me at lunch.  Aren’t I just the cutest 14 month old toddler you have ever seen?

I'm just adorable

I’m just so darn cute, or at least everyone keeps telling me that, that I had to include just one more “smile” photo.

Another big smile photo

Another big smile photo

Well, I need to go get into some kind of mischief now.

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