Lunch & play – 2008-12-27

Lunch can be an interesting experience for me.   I usually have lunch just after waking up from my morning nap..  not the best time to stick me in a high chair.   I have so many things I need to do just after waking up, especially when I am well rested.   I usually like to run around for a while then have lunch.

However, today we went straight from nap to high chair.    we started out with a hard boiled egg…  I love eggs, especially hard boiled.   When they are hard boiled, Mom gives me the entire egg (less the yellow stuff in the middle) so I can just take my time eating it…… and I can get most of it in my mouth now with no help form anyone else.   It also helps with my hand eye coordination along with allowing me to learn how much I can and should stuff in my mouth at one time.   Grandpa says I do pretty well not trying to put everything in my mouth at once and choking myself.

I also like to eat mashed potatoes.  Mom mixes them with a little apple sauce so I get a little fruit at lunch also.   Normallay, I’m not real big on eating applesauce or any other kind of fruit.  I guess it’s a learned taste.

Mom will give my one of my spoons to play with while she feeds me.   It minimizes me trying to pull the spoon she is using out of her hand and getting food all over.   I haven’t quite mastered feeding myself yet.  I find it far more entertaining to put the bowl of food on my head or dump it out on my tray.  Making a mess can be a lot of fun at meal time.   Sometimes, we have “so much fun” I go straight from my highchair to the bath tub.   Today was not one of those occasions.  I managed to keep most of the food in me and not all over me.

After a quick diaper change, Mom took me for a walk around the block.  It’s still pretty warm here in Houston so we can go for walks without having to get me all dressed up.   Today’s walk ended a but differently though.  We had it rain on us.   We were almost home when it started to really rain.   This is the first time I have been caught in the rain in my stroller.   I was kind of fun.   I kept leaning forward trying to catch the raindrops on my tongue.    If had just sat there, I probably would have stayed pretty try.  However, because I was trying to catch the rain, I did get pretty wet.

One very wet toddler

One very wet toddler

Mom just put one of my favorite DVDs on.  It’s “Choo-Ch00 Soul” on Walt Disney Records.  It’s a DVD of all train songs.   They play these songs all the time on the Disney Channel between shows.   They have a great beat that I can really get down and dance to.


Dancing to the Choo-Choo Soul DVDV

(It’s hard to tell, but I’m dancing up a storm in the above photo.)

Well, time to bring this entry to a close.   Grandpa is working in his office so I’m going to head over there and bang on his guitars for a while.

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